The vastness of the internet is easy to get lost in, especially for a child. While monitoring what children did on the web was a lot simpler a decade or so back, the popularity of smartphones has made that job difficult. Children having access to a sea of information and media is both a boon and a bane for them, but with the right amount of regulation done the right way, the negative effects of the internet can be vastly cut down. Google apparently understands this and ships Android with some tools that can help with this. Today, we check those out and learn how to set them up.

Aside from the browser, the easiest way for a child to stumble across mature content or things that are harmful to them on an Android smartphone is the Google Play Store. As such, the app comes with a built-in feature to restrict the kind of apps, games, and films they can access, based on age ratings. You’d want to turn it on if you hand your phone over to your child for longer time periods or if they have their own phone.

International Young Scientist Awards Organised by Sciencefather
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1st Edition of International Young Scientist Awards

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