As we await a United States defence-intelligence report on UFOs, did you know that astronomers recently discovered a “potentially hazardous, planet killer” asteroid hiding in the glare of the Sun? Read about that and more in our weekly space news recap.

This week is a happy one for all the UFO enthusiasts out there as a declassified version of the United States defence-intelligence report on UFOs is expected to be made public in the coming days. While it is unlikely that we will hear about aliens in the report, it could still present interesting insights into the world of “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAPs. Read about that and more in our weekly space news recap.

Webb captures Galaxies merging in a shroud of dust

The James Webb Space Telescope captured this image of galaxies plunging into one another in a galactic merger. Named IC 1623, the merger is happening about 270 million light-years away from us in the direction of the constellation Cetus.

The collision of these two galaxies triggers a deluge of rapid star formation, known as starburst. This starburst is forming stars at a rate that is twenty times higher than the rate of star formation in our galaxy, the Milky Way. This rapid starburst sends out intense infrared radiation that allowed Webb to capture the phenomena through clouds of dust and gas.

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