Prof. Pola Oppenheimer ‌ |Chemical Engineering|  FutureLeaders Research Achievement Award Prof at Chemical Engineering, United Kingdom I am a dedicated Chemical Engineering professional with a robust educational foundation from the
Ms. ‌Teng Zhang |Gynecologic Oncology |Young Scientist Award  Ms at Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, China Ms. Teng Zhang is an accomplished Attending Doctor in the Department of Obstetrics and
Mrs. ‌Nadin Younes |Infectious disease|Young Scientist Award  Mrs at Qatar university, Qatar Mrs. Nadin Younes is a dedicated biomedical scientist with a Ph.D. in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences from Qatar
Dr. ‌Sonia Siwatch |Nanomaterials| Women Researcher Award Dr at Sonia Siwatch DST New Delhi, India Dr. Sonia Siwatch is a skilled researcher in Material Science and Nanotechnology, holding a Ph.D.
Assoc Prof Dr. Ching-Yi Chang | Patient Care | Women Researcher Award Assoc Prof Dr at Ching-Yi Chang Taipei Medical University,  Taiwan Dr. Ching-Yi Chang is currently an Associate professor
 Dr. Isidoro Gutierrez-Alvarez | Hematological Disorders | Best Researcher Award Dr at Isidoro Gutierrez-Alvarez University of Huelva Spain I began my research career with an internship at the Atmospheric Sounding
 Dr. Dikshat Gopal Gupta | Hematological Disorders | Best Scholar Award Dr at Dikshat Gopal Gupta Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, United Zhaoyi Zhang, Ph.D., is a dedicated researcher
 Dr. Zhaoyi Zhang | Intelligent navigation of ships| Best Researcher Award Dr at Zhaoyi Zhang Dalian Maritime University, China. Zhaoyi Zhang, Ph.D., is a dedicated researcher in Traffic Information Engineering
Assoc Prof Dr. Chi Ma ‌ | Mechanical Design|Best Scholar Award  Assoc Prof Dr at Chi Ma Chongqing University China Dr. Ma Chi, an Associate Professor at Chongqing University, specializes
Mrs. Lum Sonita Awah | Disaster Risk Management | Young Scientist Award Mrs. Lum Sonita Awah,  University of the Free State, South Africa I am an experienced researcher specializing in