Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
Drjingliu天津大学ChinaEngineering能源动力Best Researcher Award
MrQadeerRazaNorthwestern polytechnical universityChinaMathematicsApplied Mathematics (Fluid mechanics)Best Researcher Award
DrShahrozAnjumAlliant EnergyIndiaEnergySolar EnergyBest Researcher Award
MrszhanlingLiChina University of Geosciences (Beijing)ChinaOtherEnvironmental Science and Engineering/Hydrology and Water ResourcesBest Researcher Award
DrSyed AneesAhmedBrody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, NC, USAUnited StatesPharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical ScienceCardiometabolic DisorderBest Researcher Award
ProfqiangzouInstitute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)ChinaEarth and Planetary SciencesDisaster mechanisms andrisk assessmentBest Researcher Award
DrSapnaKhowalRegional Centre for iotechnologyIndiaBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular BiologyOncologyBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrSunny Sui-kwongLamHong Kong Metropolitan UniversityHong KongSocial SciencesCommunicationBest Researcher Award
DrKabaso EmmanuelMusondaNorthrise UniversityZambiaEnergysustainable biomassBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrDemokratNuhaUniversity for Business and TechnologyAlbaniaChemistryOrganic ChemistryYoung Scientist Award
DrGhaidaAlrawashdehOakland UniverityUnited StatesComputer ScienceEducationBest Researcher Award
Assist Prof DrNandkishorShirsathDepartment of Chemistry, MSG College Malegaon Camp Dist. NashikIndiaMaterials ScienceChemistryBest Researcher Award
DrRitambharaGondUppsala UniversitySwedenEnergySodium ion battery technologyBest Researcher Award
DrRitambharaGondUppsala UniversitySwedenChemistryEnergy StorageWomen Researcher Award
Assist Prof DrAdrienneHughesOregon Health and Science UniversityUnited StatesMedicine and DentistryMedical ToxicologyBest Researcher Award
DrPEDRO ISMAELDA SILVA JUNIORInstituto ButantanBrazilBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular BiologyBiological activity of natural productsBest Researcher Award
Assist Prof DrAlessandraRicciardelliUniversity of Naples "Federico II"ItalyEconomics, Econometrics and FinanceManagement and Organization StudiesWomen Researcher Award
MrMd. Ashik Azad KhanAnikNorthern University BangladeshBangladeshEnvironmental ScienceEnvironmental RadioactivityYoung Scientist Award
DrYilebesDamtieBahir Dar UniversityEthiopiaEnvironmental ScienceDisaster Risk ManagementBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrShujingQinWuhan UniversityChinaAgricultural and Biological Sciencesagricultural meteorologyBest Researcher Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


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Young Scientist awards is the Researchers and Research organizations around the world in ...
the motive of Encouraging and Honoring them for their Significant contributions & Achievements for the Advancement in their field of expertise. Researchers and scholars of all nationalities are eligible to receive Young Scientist Awards . Nominees are judged on past accomplishments, research excellence, and outstanding academic achievements.

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