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 Prof Dr. Ahmed Abu-Dief | Medicinal chemistry| Best Scholar Award


👨‍🏫 🧪📚 Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed, a distinguished researcher and educator, boasts a rich academic journey with a B.Sc. in Special Chemistry, M.Sc., and Ph.D. from Sohag University, Egypt. With a prolific h-index, his expertise in inorganic and physical chemistry spans diverse areas. His significant postdoctoral stints in Spain underscore a global perspective. Proficient in a myriad of computer skills,  Abu-Dief is not only a researcher but also an adept trainer. Awarded for his research and teaching contributions, he stands among the top scientists globally. His multifaceted skills, from synthesizing nanomaterials to designing nano photo catalysts, showcase a commitment to cutting-edge research. 🌐🏆 #Chemistry #Researcher #Education

🌐 Professional Profiles


BSc in Science Part of Special Chemistry (2004) Honors: Excellent with honor degree Centenary Rate: 85.99% MSc in Chemistry, Sohag University, Egypt (2010) Thesis: “Solvent and Temperature Effects on the Kinetic of Reactions and Their Reactivity Trends of Some Coumarin Derivatives” PhD in Chemistry, Sohag University, Egypt (2013) Thesis: “Design, Physicochemical Studies, Interaction with DNA, and Kinetic Investigation of The Reactivity of Some Multifunctional Complexes Containing Schiff Bases

🌐Postdoctoral Experience& Skills and Experiences

6 years postdoctorate in Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Barcelona University, Spain 10 years postdoctorate in Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Oviedo University, Spain Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Complex preparation and characterization (UV-Visible spectra, IR, NMR, CHN, conductance, thermal analysis) Magnetic properties of complexes Bonding in transition metal complexes and crystal field theory Kinetics and reactivity trends of indicator and laser dye compounds Thermodynamic and transfer properties of ions Kinetics of DNA interaction with coordination compounds Design and formation of single crystals of multifunctional systems Computer Skills Operating systems and program packages for Microsoft International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Training in statistical program (SPSS) and Photoshop Oracle Database and SQL expertise Experience in GC tool for catalytic reactions Synthesis of nanomaterials via hydrothermal method

🔬Research Experience and Interests

Study of base-catalyzed hydrolysis of Chromen-2-one derivatives Analysis of solvent effects on reactivity trends of coumarin derivatives Determination of thermodynamic properties of ions Design and characterization of Schiff base-amino acid complexes Investigation of multifunctional systems containing Schiff base ligands and 4f metals Synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles for various applications

🏅Awards and Recognitions, Grade and Appreciation Certificates

Multiple awards for research excellence and contributions to academia, Top 2% of the world’s scientists (Stanford University classification, 2020-2023), International gold medal for outstanding performance in a project, Best Researcher Award in International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science, and Medicine (2021), State Encouragement Award from the Academy of Scientific Research (2022), Certificates of thanks and appreciation for various contributions to academia, research, and training, Recognition for website management and teaching assistance, Active participation in international conferences and workshops

🔍Research Projects

Design and study of multifunctional systems containing Schiff bases,curcuminoid ligands and 4f metals towards the development of nano devices”2011-2012, AECID, program 7-PCI-EGIPTE (AP/040924/ 11) BarcelonaUniversity, Spain.o Mesoporous materials, 2014-2016,Spanish Ministerio de Economía yCompetitividad (MAT2013-40950-R), Gobierno del Principado de Asturias(GRUPIN14-060) and EDRF funding, Oviedo Universityo Solubility studies and Transfer Chemical Potentials in different organic cosolvent -water mixtures of Cobalt (III)-hydrazone complexes as Antimicrobialand anticancer agents, Grant No. 7679-SCI-2018-3-9-F from the Deanship ofScientific Research at Northern Border University, Arar, K.S.A.o Temperature and salt effects of the Kinetic reactions of substituted 2-pyridylmethylene-8-quinolyl iron (II) complexes as antimicrobial and anti-canceragents with Cyanide ions, Grant No. 1125-SCI-2019-1-10-F from the Deanship ofScientific Research at Northern Border University, Arar, K.S.A.o Eco-friendly synthesis of AgNPs using Delonix regia extract, characterizationand their applications as anticancer and antimicrobial agents, King SaudUniversity, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Grant No. RSP-2020/79)o Synthesis of Erbium Oxide Supported on Cupper and Tungsten Oxides andTheir Nanocomposites with Polymers for Environmental and EnergyApplications, Sohag University, Egypt, 2019-2020 .

Some new nano-sized Fe (II), Cd (II) and Zn (II) Schiff base complexes as precursor for metal oxides: Sonochemical synthesis, characterization, DNA interaction, in vitro …Paper Published in 2016 Cited by 211

Synthesis, characterization, DFT calculations and biological studies of Mn (II), Fe (II), Co (II) and Cd (II) complexes based on a tetradentate ONNO donor Schiff base ligand Paper Published in 2017 Cited by 179

Design, characterization, teratogenicity testing, antibacterial, antifungal and DNA interaction of few high spin Fe (II) Schiff base amino acid complexes Paper Published in 2017 Cited by 171

Sonochemical synthesis, DNA binding, antimicrobial evaluation and in vitro anticancer activity of three new nano-sized Cu (II), Co (II) and Ni (II) chelates based on tri … Paper Published in 2016 Cited by 167

Development and functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles as powerful and green catalysts for organic synthesis Paper Published in 2018 Cited by 158

Ni (II) and Cu (II) complexes with ONNO asymmetric tetradentate Schiff base ligand: synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, theoretical calculations, DNA interaction and …  Paper Published in 2017 Cited by 157

Ahmed Abu-Dief | Medicinal chemistry| Best Scholar Award

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