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Dr. Anchal Garg| Air Quality | Best Researcher Award

Dr at Stanford University India

Dr. Anchal Garg is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University, focusing on the health impacts of indoor air pollutants from gas stoves. With a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from GGSIPU, Delhi, and extensive experience in air quality research, they handle advanced instruments like GC-FID and Aroma analyzer. Their work spans air quality monitoring across the USA, Australia, UK, Europe, China, and India. Dr. Anchal Garg has received numerous accolades, including the BRICS Young Scientist Award and DST INSPIRE Fellowship. They are also an accomplished educator, having taught environmental studies at the University of Delhi and mentored several students in environmental research.



🌟 Profile Summary: Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University 🌟

Current Position:

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University, USA (September 2022 – Present), Project: Modeling and measuring health consequences of indoor air pollutants from gas stove combustion., Measurement: Emission factors and health risks for CO2, CH4, NOx, NO2, VOCs, PM, and CO. Regions Monitored: USA, Australia, UK, Europe, China, India. Instruments: GC-FID, Aroma analyzer (VOCs), GRIMM and RDS (PM), Aeries (Greenhouse gases), Tedylene (NOx), low-cost sensors. Policy and Governance: Sustainable and cost-effective solutions for gas stove usage. Research Collaboration: NGOs and international universities.

Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D. in Environmental Science (89%, Course Work) GGSIPU, Delhi, India (August 2016 – September 2021), PG Diploma in Applied Statistics (82%) IGNOU, Delhi, India (March 2017 – June 2019), M.Sc. in Environment Management (86%, Gold Medalist) GGSIPU, Delhi, India (July 2014 – May 2016), B.Ed. in Teaching of Science (79%) MDU, Rohtak, India (July 2013 – July 2014), B.Sc. in Life Science (78%, 3rd Position) Delhi University, India (July 2010 – June 2013)

Research Experience:

Ph.D. Research (2021): Study on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, VOCs, and PM in Delhi’s urban atmosphere (Advisor: Prof. N.C. Gupta). M.Sc. Dissertation (2016): Air quality assessment in Delhi (CPCB, Advisor: Dr. S.K. Tyagi). M.Sc. Internship (2015): Ambient air quality in non-attainment cities in India (CPCB, Advisor: Dr. Tarun Darbari).

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor (Guest Basis), Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi (March 2021 – July 2021), Lecturer, Department of Romance and Germanic Studies, University of Delhi (January 2022 – March 2022), Instructor, School of Open Learning, Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi

Industry Experience:

Freelance Air Quality Expert, EarthWatch Institute, India (June – December 2021) Air Quality Consultant, Swaniti Global Initiative, New Delhi (March – May 2022). Consulting Member, International Gas Stove Exposure Project, PSE Health Energy, California (December 2022 – Present)

Awards and Recognitions:

M.Sc. Gold Medalist, Environmental Management, GGSIPU, Delhi (2016). International Young Scientist Award, International Science Community Association, Bhutan (2018). BRICS Young Scientist Award, Government of India (2019). DST INSPIRE Fellowship, Government of India (2017). Indraprastha Research Fellowship, GGSIPU, Delhi (2017). UGC NET & JRF, Government of India (2017). Women in Citizen Science Award, EarthWatch Institute, India (2021). Postdoc Research Fellow ($150,000), Stanford University (2022). New Map of Life Fellow, Stanford Center on Longevity (2023)

Research Supervision:

  • Supervised summer training and dissertation projects for M.Sc. students on topics related to ambient air quality and health risks.


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  • Assessment of health risks for criteria air pollutants present in 11 non-attainment cities of Uttar Pradesh, India
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  • Mitigating CH4 and N2O Emissions from the Rice Crop System in IGP Region in India
    • Authors: P Kumar, A Garg, NC Gupta
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    • Pages: 125-138
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    • Year: 2020


Anchal Garg | Air Quality | Best Researcher Award

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