Dr. Celine ROW | Onco-hematology | Young Scientist Award


🌟 Profile Summary

🔬 With a wealth of experience as a Senior Medical Doctor Biologist at University Hospital Dijon, France, I lead groundbreaking initiatives in genetic and epigenetic innovation within the oncology unit. 🧬💡 Spearheading the management of clinical trials and introducing cutting-edge technologies like droplet digital PCR (Stilla), I am at the forefront of reshaping molecular residual disease strategies in malignant B lymphomas. 🌐 As an Assistant Professor, I seamlessly blended laboratory and biological expertise, overseeing clinical trials for the LYSARC group and contributing significantly to translational research. 🎓👩‍🔬 My multidimensional skills encompass onco-hematology, clinical trials, and pioneering therapy monitoring strategies. 🚀 #MedicalInnovation #OncologyTrailblazer


🌐 Professional Profiles

👩‍⚕️ Experience

Senior Medical Doctor Biologist
University Hospital Dijon, France – 05/2023 – Present

🔬 Innovation in Genetic and Epigenetic in Oncology Unit

Managing 3 clinical trials from the LYSARC group (Lymphoma Academic Research Association) on the laboratory and biological side (residual disease). Setting up an additional trial involving bispecific antibodies. Technical development of droplet digital PCR (Stilla) in a new clinical application, specifically a novel molecular residual disease strategy applied to malignant B lymphomas. Team management of 3 technicians, 1 engineer, and 1 bioanalyst.

🩺 Hematology Laboratory

Evaluating a new automated hematology analyzer with an integrated microscope and AI (Mindray). Expertise in flow cytometry, focusing on immunotherapies and CAR-T cell monitoring, flow residual disease (supervised and unsupervised with AI). Management and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students.

Assistant Professor
University Hospital Dijon, France – 05/2021 – 05/2023

🧬 Innovation in Genetic and Epigenetic in Oncology Unit

Laboratory and biological management of 3 clinical trials from the LYSARC group, including traceability, sample qualification, sample collection management, data management, molecular analysis, and translational research. Quality assessment programs (EuroMRD). Team management of 1 technician, 1 engineer, and 1 bioanalyst. Quality assurance (COFRAC). Teaching and training students. Participating in multidisciplinary consultation meetings with physicians.

Medical Doctor Biologist (Substitute in a Private Medical Laboratory)

BC-lab Dijon, France – 05/2020 – 08/2020 Handling sampling, technical platform operations, routine medical analysis, and biological validation.

Resident Specialized in Onco-Hematology

University Hospital Dijon, France CHU de Dijon – 11/2016 – 05/2021 Conducting bone marrow aspiration and biopsy sampling. Blood count analysis (Sysmex) and biological validation of results. Morphology analysis (blood smear, liquid, bone marrow) for onco-hematology diagnostic. Flow cytometry analysis for onco-hematology and immunodeficiency diagnostic, immunotherapy monitoring, and residual disease assessment. Implementing a COVID drive: handling sampling collection, team coordination, mass screening management, and training nurses.

🎓 Education / Diplomas

Medical Doctor Thesis – Medical University of Dijon, France, 03/2021, University Diploma in Thrombosis and Clinical Hemostasis – Medical University of Lyon (LYON 1), France, 2019, University Diploma in Biological Hemostasis – Medical University of Lyon (LYON 1), France, 2018, University Diploma in Reproduction Applied Biology – Medical Universities of the Est, France, 2017, Medical Studies Graduate – Medical University of Lyon, 2016, Masters 1 in Biomedical Research for Drug Engineering – Medical University of Lyon (LYON EST), France, 2013

🌟 Skills

  • Onco-Hematology
  • Clinical Trials
  • Residual Disease
  • Innovative Therapy Monitoring and Strategy


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Celine ROW | Onco-hematology | Young Scientist Award

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