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 Dr. Deepty Ranjan Satapathy | Environmental Geology | Best Researcher Award


👨‍🏫 🌍 Dr. Deepty Ranjan Satapathy is an accomplished Environmental Geologist with an illustrious career spanning over two decades. Currently serving as a Senior Technical Officer at CSIR-IMMT, a prestigious laboratory under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Dr. Satapathy’s expertise lies in applying Remote Sensing and GIS methodologies to diverse environmental studies. His extensive experience encompasses spatial analysis of environmental impacts, focusing on coastal, watershed, mining, and forest ecosystems. Proficient in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Digital Image Processing, and geostatistics, Dr. Satapathy has published prolifically in renowned international journals and conferences, contributing significantly to the field of environmental geology. His passion for environmental monitoring and impact assessment is evident through his comprehensive body of work. 🌿🔍 🌟

🌐 Professional Profiles

🌟Previous Experience

Technical Officer at CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, another national laboratory under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India [From 30th October 2000 to 19th April 2009].

📊Current Position

Senior Technical Officer at CSIR-IMMT (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology), a national laboratory under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India [Since 20th April 2009].

🌐Experience Summary

Expertise in Remote Sensing and GIS: Extensive background in applying remote sensing and GIS techniques for diverse environmental studies. Spatial Analysis and Mapping: Proficient in monitoring and analyzing environmental impacts at landscape levels, specializing in various terrains like coastal, watersheds, mining, and forests. Skilled in spatial statistics to interpret patterns and visualize environmental monitoring data. Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Profound knowledge in GIS, digital image processing, geostatistics, and modeling using GIS tools. Expertise includes applying fuzzy logic and multi-index overlay analysis. Global Positioning System (GPS): Hands-on experience in using GPS for acquiring ground truth samples, collecting ground control points, and geocoding satellite imagery for remote sensing studies. Environmental Monitoring: Extensive background in large-scale environmental monitoring and impact assessment studies.

Professional Achievements of Deepty Ranjan Satapathy 🏆🌐

Patent DEEPTY RANJAN SATAPATHY and YASHWANT BHASKAR KATPATAL. “A SDSS Design Approach for Assessing Environmental Sustainability in Mining Areas.” (2019) IN Patent 323,595. Publications in National Journals D. Behera, D. R. Satapathy, S. K. Pattanayak, and Pawan Kumar. ‘Assessment of Decadal Change in Land Use/Cover Using Geospatial Technology for the Region of Proposed Alumina Refinery and Bauxite Mines in Karlapat, Kalahandi District, Odisha.’ Vistas in Geological Research, 2012, 11: 149-157. (ISBN: 81-900907-0-4) Book Chapter Sharda Dhadse, D. G. Gajghate, P.R. Chaudhari, D. R. Satapathy, and S. R. Wate. ‘Interaction of Urban Vegetation Cover to Sequester Air Pollutants from Ambient Air Environment’, Air Pollution – New Developments, Anca Maria Moldoveanu (Ed.), Chapter 14, 303-314, 2011, INTECH Open Access Publisher. (ISBN: 978-953-307-527-3)Technical Report T. Chakrabarti, S. Devotta, R. Kumar, I. Gupta, A. Gupta, D. R. Satpathy & S. Kamble. “Air Quality Assessment,


Professional Achievements of Deepty Ranjan Satapathy 🏆🌐 (Continued)

Publications in International Conferences Several presentations including studies on remote sensing, water quality, coastal impacts, and geochemical analyses in conferences conducted by ISPRS, ISCOBA, CEMEPE & SECOTOX, PORSEC, OSICON, NSE, ENMAT, etc. Poster Presentation in International Conferences Poster presentations on GIS for environmental management, water crisis challenges, and GIS-based modeling for environmental impact assessment. Exposure to Scientific Software Proficient in ArcGIS, GEOMATICA, MAP/INFO Professional, ILWIS, EASI/PACE, ERDAS, etc. Professional Memberships Life member of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, member of the International Society of Environmental Information Sciences, fellow member of The Society of Earth Scientists, India, and other affiliations. Fellowship and Scholarship Recipient of fellowship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Netherlands, and awarded national scholarships for academic merit. International Training and External Professional Activity Underwent advanced training in Remote Sensing and GIS and held various external professional roles including research guidance at Sambalpur University. Projects Involved (Major) Engaged in numerous significant projects focusing on carbon dynamics, pollution monitoring, environmental impact assessments, and land use planning using remote sensing and GIS.


Surface- and Air-Temperature Studies in Relation to Land Use/Land Cover of Nagpur Urban Area Using Landsat  Data Paper Published in 2007 Cited by 53

Spatio-temporal distribution of major and trace metals in estuarine sediments of Dhamra, Bay of Bengal, India—its environmental significance Paper Published in 2015 Cited by 31

Monitoring of environmental parameters for CO2 sequestration: a case study of Nagpur City, India Paper Published in 2007 Cited by 23

Application of geospatial technologies for environmental impact assessment: an Indian Scenario Paper Published in 2008 Cited by 22

Anthropogenic influence on the physico-chemical parameters of Dhamra estuary and adjoining coastal water of the Bay of Bengal Paper Published in 2021 Cited by 19

Contrasting intra-annual inorganic carbon dynamics and air–water CO2 exchange in Dhamra and Mahanadi Estuaries of northern Bay of Bengal, India Paper Published in 2020 Cited by 15

Deepty Ranjan Satapathy | Environmental Geology | Best Researcher Award

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