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Experienced educational administrator with a robust background in managing patient care services and professional education in North America. Renowned for introducing innovative programming with measurable improvements in learning, performance, cost-effectiveness, and administrative ease. Proven leadership in strategic planning, sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and timely execution, leveraging a diverse career in competitive athletics and military strategic planning. Holds advanced degrees in Business Administration, Chiropractic, and Physical & Health Education. Currently Dean of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Bridgeport, driving strategic planning, accreditation, and budget management while fostering program growth and faculty development.


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📚 Academic Administration * 🏆 Professional Practice * 🎓 Teaching

A qualified, experienced educational administrator with an extensive track record of managing both patient care services and professional education development in Canada and the USA. Have introduced state-of-the-art programming in every environment with measurable gains in learning, performance, cost-effectiveness, and ease of administration achieved in all cases.

Strong, proven leader of people and processes, combining a diverse professional career with a background in competitive athletics and military strategic planning. Known for a collaborative style in relationship building, bold planning and decision making, analytical problem solving, creative solution development, sustainability planning, fiscal responsibility, and timely execution.


DBA (Doctorate-Business Admin), Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2014 (Specialization: Leadership). MBA (Masters-Business Admin), University of Fredericton, Fredericton NB, 2010 (Specialization: General Business). Land Forces Military Command, Command & Staff College, Kingston ON, 2002 (Specialization: Light Infantry). DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), Life University, Marietta, Georgia, 1990. BSc (Nutrition), School of Chiropractic/School of Nutrition, 1990. HBPE (Physical & Health Education), Lakehead University, Thunder Bay ON, 1985


📚 Teaching Experience

🇨🇦 Canadian Army – Infantry Corps

Soldier Instruction: 1991-1996

  • Military conduct/military law/Queen’s Regulations and Orders
  • Navigating with map and compass
  • Extreme cold and extreme heat physiological adaptation and survival
  • Arctic survival, prevention, and treatment of cold injuries
  • Small arms instruction: M16 rifle, automatic weapons/machine guns/mortars/grenades/handheld antitank rocket and missile launchers

Officer Instruction: 1996-2003

  • Radio procedures/transmitting, receiving, storing and destroying classified information
  • Mission analysis and creation of military orders
  • Navigating with map, compass, and GPS
  • Directing indirect (artillery) and direct (tank) fire
  • Leading quick and deliberate light infantry platoon/company level attacks
  • Leading soldiers in ground, air-mobile and amphibious operations in multiple environmental conditions

🏫 Niagara College

Lead Instructor: Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses: 1996 – 2001

  • Lifelong Wellness Activities/Lifestyles Course: 2000-2001
  • EMT Physical Preparation Course: 2000-2001

🏫 North Florida Institute of Massage Therapy

Lead Instructor: Anatomy and physiology for massage therapists: 2003-2005

🏫 Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida

Outpatient Faculty Clinician: Clinical experience courses: 2005-2006

  • Chiropractic Technique Instructor: Low back spinal manipulation and rehabilitation: 2005
  • Classroom Instructor: Patient care documentation, E & M and CPT coding: 2006-2008

🏫 Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Lead Instructor: Foundations of spinal manipulation and manual therapies: 2009-2014

  • Guest Lecturer: Business procedures, accounting and finance, strategic planning, operational management, and leadership: 2010-2014

🏫 University of Bridgeport

Chiropractic history, philosophy, and evidence-informed care: 2020

  • Navigating with map and compass: UG Health Sciences Adventure Course: 2022

🎓 Current Professional Responsibilities at the University of Bridgeport

Dean, College of Health Sciences (CHS)

  • Facilitated and created a strategic plan for the CHS.
  • Responsible for the academic and clinical competency attainment of ten health sciences programs.
  • Staffed chiropractic and acupuncture clinicians at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC).
  • Managed operations of on-campus UB Clinics and post-graduate continuing education department.
  • Held financial oversight for all programs, including P & L reporting.
  • Facilitated strategic plans for various schools within the university.


  • Evaluated full-time and part-time faculty.
  • Approved professional development and research projects.
  • Supervised schedule development.
  • Authorized hiring of program directors and faculty, and purchase of equipment and supplies.


  • Managed growth of CHS programs, including UB Clinics and Health Sciences post-graduate education.
  • Developed a spine/neuromusculoskeletal model of care.
  • Integrated chiropractic and acupuncture into FQHCs and established residency training programs.


  • Completed a self-study for the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) for UBSC accreditation.
  • Participated in past accreditation studies at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and Palmer Chiropractic College.


  • Developed and managed annual budgets for CHS, UB clinics, post-graduate education, and FQHC clinical sites.
  • Utilized zero-based and other budget development strategies.
  • Balanced economic and educational concerns under resource-challenging conditions.


  • Oversaw operations of UB Clinics.
  • Allocated resources for off-site clinics and analyzed monthly financial income statements.
  • Created P & L projections for new program planning and analyzed financial statements for FQHC residency programs.


  • Facilitated capital funds for renovations and equipment purchases.
  • Oversaw renovations to the radiology department, technique/physical exam instruction areas, and UB Clinics.


  • Initiated a review of the mission, vision, values, and paradigm of care for the School of Chiropractic.
  • Developed strategic plans with initiatives for enrollment and retention, curriculum enhancement, programmatic assessment, communications, research, professional leadership, and facilities enhancement.


  • Facilitated the creation of a strategic plan for CHS, involving all schools and institutes.


  • Developed a strategic plan for the School of Nursing, aligning it with the CHS plan.


  • Facilitated a strategic plan for the Physician Assistant Institute following leadership changes and accreditation reaffirmation.


  • Facilitated a review and creation of a strategic plan for the School of Dental Hygiene, including new program proposals.


  • Developed and implemented a faculty self-assessment process within established tenure and non-tenure track protocols.

Publications Top Notes 📝

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  • Response of Chiropractic Organizations to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Descriptive Report
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Michael Ciolfi | Design for Learning | Excellence in Research

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