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María José Hernández Salazar | Geology

👨‍🏫Prof Dr María José Hernández Salazar, Prof  Dr at University of National Polytechnic School Ecuador Education Foundation India, Department of Geology , stands as a distinguished Academician/Research Scholar in the domain of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Holding a PhD in Geosciences, Natural Resources Nice-Paris-France and Environment Sorbonne Université, their professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚

🌐 Professional Profiles:

🎓 Academic Education

Ph.D. in Physics (2010-2015) Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation (Formerly K L University), Andhra Pradesh, India. M.Sc. in Physics (2000-2002) Bapatla Engineering College, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh, India. B.Sc. (1997-2000) S.C.W.C Degree College, Kakatiya University, Andhra Pradesh, India.

🏆 Awards and Achievements

Award of Excellence in Research (Novel Research Academy, 2021), Best Teacher at K L University (multiple years), Early Career Research Award (DST/SERB, 2016-2019), Woman Scientist (DST/WOS-A), 2011-2014

👩🏽‍🏫 Academic and Research Experiences (18 Years)

Head of the Department & Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation (K L University), 2022 to Present. Various teaching and research roles from lecturer to associate professor since 2003.

🏅 Administrative Responsibilities

Acting as HoD and holding various coordinator roles. Engaged in accreditation criteria responsibilities and student mentoring.

👩‍🔬 Research Expertise

Proficient in analyzing FT-IR, Fluorescence, Absorption, Lifetime techniques. Specialized in preparing Photonic glasses and luminescent materials.

🔬 Ongoing/Completed Research Projects

Conducted various projects funded by DST and Govt. of India focusing on rare-earth doped glasses’ spectral characterization and their applications in optoelectronics and bio-imaging.

📚 Research Thesis Guidance

Currently guiding students pursuing Ph.D. degrees in diverse research areas related to absorption, luminescence studies, and material applications.

Top Noted  Publications

A review of medical image segmentation algorithms Published on 2021/4/12 Cited by 141

Luminescence characterization of Eu3+ doped Zinc Alumino Bismuth Borate glasses for visible red emission applications Published on 2014/12/1 Cited by 139

Optical studies of Sm3+ ions doped zinc alumino bismuth borate glasses Published on 2014/5/5 Cited by 136

Spectral characterisation of Sm3+ ions doped Oxy-fluoroborate glasses for visible orange luminescent applications Published on 2014/10/1 Cited by 129

Optical absorption and luminescence characteristics of Dy3+ doped Zinc Alumino Bismuth Borate glasses for lasing materials and white LEDs Published on 2013/7/1 Cited by 115

Lasing potentialities and white light generation capabilities of Dy3+ doped oxy-fluoroborate glasses Published on2013/7/1 Cited by 115

Spectroscopic properties and luminescence behavior of Nd3+ doped zinc alumino bismuth borate glasses Published on 2013/9/1 Cited by 95

Visible luminescence characteristics of Sm3+ doped zinc alumino bismuth borate glasses Published on 2014/2/1 Cited by

Visible red, NIR and Mid-IR emission studies of Ho3+ doped Zinc Alumino Bismuth Borate glasses Published on 2013/12/1 Cited by 83


María José Hernández Salazar | Geology | Best Researcher Award

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