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Prof yuguo ke : Psycholinguistics : Best Researcher Award

👨‍🏫  Prof yuguo ke, an Prof at the  Taizhou University, China. stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the Arts and Humanities.  📚 Ke Yuguo embraces academic challenges with enthusiasm, contributing valuable insights to the ever-evolving landscape of applied linguistics and foreign language education. 🧑‍🏫🌍

🌐 Professional Profiles:


🎓 Profile of Ke Yuguo
Ke Yuguo, born in April 1983, is an esteemed member of the Communist Party of China, holding positions as a master’s tutor, doctor, professor, and a candidate for the second level of high-level special talents in Taizhou City. He earned his PhD in English Language and Literature from Shanghai International Studies University, ranking among the top two in the fifth round of subject evaluation by the Ministry of Education.

🏫 Professional Positions and Achievements
Throughout his career, Ke has held key roles, including deputy director and executive deputy director of the Regional and Country Research Base of the Ministry of Education. Presently, he serves as a member of the Foreign Language and Literature Institute at Taizhou University, leading the Applied Linguistics team. Ke has hosted numerous significant projects and research initiatives, contributing significantly to various academic fields.

📝 Publications in Core Journals
Ke has published extensively, including monographs and over 20 core papers in reputable journals such as IJDD, HSSC, Current Psychology, and others. His research covers diverse areas such as language acquisition, cognition, and cultural communication.

🏆 Awards and Recognitions
Ke Yuguo has received esteemed awards, winning the first prize in the Provincial Scientific Research Paper Achievements Review for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020. He was also awarded the National Scholarship for Doctoral Students in 2017.

💼 Part-Time Roles and Expertise
Additionally, Ke holds various part-time roles, serving as an expert in Taizhou City’s high-level special talents plan, Taizhou City Review Expert Database, Zhejiang Province Foreign Language Textbook Review, and as an external reviewer for SSCI journals. He also contributes as an undergraduate thesis sampling inspection expert of the Ministry of Education Degree Center.

📑 Highlighted Research Topics and Papers
Ke Yuguo’s research over the past five years has covered significant topics, including the Validity Verification Model of Digital Humanities Empowering Foreign Language Writing Assessment and research on media coverage of China in French-speaking African countries. His papers have been published in major core journals, making notable contributions to the academic community.

📚Top Noted Publications:


yuguo ke| Psycholinguistics | Best Researcher Award

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