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 Mr. Abebe Debu Liga | Statistics | Young Scientist Award 

Abebe Debu is a devoted senior lecturer with more than 10 years of experience in the statistics department at Wolkite University,
Jimma University and the University of Gondar. He instructs graduate students in advanced biostatistics as well as undergraduates in a
variety of statistics courses. He actively conducted research in a variety of fields, and wrote seven publications. Together with his
work in teaching and research, he has participated in a variety of departmental, college, and university-level tasks. He also has a lot of
experience using statistical programs like SPSS, R, STATA, and SAS to analyze data. His long stay and participation in numerous
university events have provided him with opportunity to share and further knowledge and skill. This can be seen as a benefit for the
advancement of my profession, that of my future institution in particular, and that of the entire country




 Education 🎓

  • 2009-2011 GC
    Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Hawassa University
  • 2013-2015 GC
    Master of Science degree in Biostatistics from University of Gondar

Work Experience📚

From: September 2018 To: Present Employer: Wolkite University Major tasks: Delivering various undergraduate statistics courses. Providing SPSS and R statistical software training. Holding responsibility for department and college tasks. Participating in the development of course materials and research. Contributing to volunteer work in the community and assessing research funded by Wolkite University. Giving students guidance, support, and mentorship. From: August 2015 To: August 2018 Employer: Jimma University Major tasks: Teaching undergraduate and graduate-level statistics courses. Having responsibility over assigned department duties. Contributing to research and creating course materials. Providing students guidance, support, and mentorship. Assisting and advising MSc students on their theses. From: March 2012 To: July 2015 Employer: University of Gondar Major tasks: Lecturing various undergraduate statistics courses. Supervising assigned department duties. Contributing to the creation of course materials. Providing students guidance, support, and mentorship.

Publications Top Notes 📝

  • Determinants of obstetric fistula in Ethiopia
    • Authors: AA Andargie, A Debu
    • Source: African Health Sciences, 17(3), 671-680, 2017


  • Prevalence and correlates associated with early childbearing among teenage girls in Ethiopia: A multilevel analysis
    • Authors: AD Liga, AE Boyamo, YN Jabir, AB Tereda
    • Source: PLoS One, 18(8), e0289102, 2023


  • Magnitude and predictors of anemia among preschool children (36–59 months) in Atingo town, Jimma, Ethiopia
    • Authors: FM Sodde, AD Liga, YN Jabir, D Tamiru, R Kidane
    • Source: Health Science Reports, 6(6), e1358, 2023


  • COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and adherence to non-pharmaceutical interventions among employees of public transportations company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    • Authors: AD Liga, YN Jabir, RH Bacha
    • Source: Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 19(1), 2184759, 2023


  • Predictors of multiple sexual partners among men in Ethiopia: a multilevel analysis
    • Authors: AD Liga, YN Jabir, BA Wobse, RH Bacha
    • Source: Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences, 32(4), 689-698, 2022


  • Longitudinal Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure Change over Time and Associated Risk Factors in Patients with Hypertension in Southwest Ethiopia: a prospective study
    • Authors: YN Jabir, AD Liga, RH Bacha, FZ Chere
    • Source: African Journal of Health Sciences, 34(1), 12-25, 2021


  • Risk Factors Affecting Survival Time of Breast Cancer Patients: The case of Southwest Ethiopia
    • Authors: RH Bacha, YN Jabir, AG Asebot, AD Liga
    • Source: Journal of Research in Health Sciences, 21(4), e00532, 2021


  • Modeling Stillbirth among Women Delivering at Southwest Ethiopia
    • Author: AD Liga
    • Source: African Journal of Health Sciences, 33(2), 65-79, 2020


  • Determinants of Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia: An application of binary and multilevel logistic regression models
    • Author: AD Liga
    • Source: University of Gondar, 2015


  • Identifying Associated Factors in Relation to Health-Related Quality of Life among Postpartum Women in Jimma Town: A community-based cross-sectional study
    • Authors: AD Liga, YN Jabir, S Assefa, GT Debelew, BT Worku
    • Source: Heliyon, 10(8), 2024


Abebe Debu Liga | Statistics | Young Scientist Award

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