Dr. Ashiwin Vadiveloo | Algal Biotechnology | Young Scientist Award

🌟Profile Summary

🌿 Dr. Ashiwin Vadiveloo is a distinguished scientist and educator, specializing in marine biology and environmental biotechnology. Currently based in Murdoch, Western Australia, he serves as a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist and Lecturer at Murdoch University, actively contributing to the Algae R&D Centre.

🔬 Driven by a passion for sustainable solutions, his research focuses on microalgae cultivation for wastewater treatment and bioenergy generation. His innovative work has garnered international recognition, earning him prestigious awards, including the 2022 Australia Science and Innovation Awards.


🌐Professional Profiles


Dedicated and passionate scientist with proven academic excellence. Known for conscientious and detail-oriented approach. Thrives as a team player and independently, with strong communication and teaching skills. Actively seeking a position to contribute expertise in marine biology and sciences.

 Key Skills

Research Expertise: Cultivation of algae, environmental and marine biotechnology. Scientific Proficiency: Extensive background in biotechnology research. Communication Skills: Scientific writing, editing, speaking, and presentations. Collaboration Skills: Success in teamwork and stakeholder engagement. Project Management: Leadership, mentoring, and project guidance. Science Communication: Translating complex concepts for diverse audiences. Stakeholder Engagement: Influence at senior management levels. Diverse Skill Set: Independent learning, precision in writing, and data analysis.


 Work Experience

Lecturer and Post-Doctoral Research Scientist – Murdoch University

  • Full-time since 2017 at Algae R&D Centre.
  • Deputy Director, actively involved in diverse algae projects.
  • Full-time Lecturer since 2021, teaching Marine Botany, Aquaculture, and Environmental Science.

Adjunct Lecturer – AIMST University, Malaysia

  • Engaged in teaching, research, and promotional duties since 2020.

Research Technician, Substitute Lecturer, Lab Demonstrator – Murdoch University

  • Served 2014–2020 at Algae R&D Center.
  • Contributed to microalgae projects and international initiatives.
  • Lab Demonstrator, Substitute Lecturer, and Tutorial Teacher.


PhD in Research – Murdoch University, Australia (2013-2017), Enhanced microalgae growth using spectrally selective photovoltaic devices. BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology – AIMST University, Malaysia (2009-2012) CGPA 3.65 out of 4.00.

Research Impact

Applied Phycologist: Focus on microalgae for wastewater treatment and bioenergy. PhD Research: Optimized light wavelengths for microalgae growth, leading to high-impact publications. Innovative Contributions: Designed sustainable microalgae-based biofuel production system. Recognition: Forbes ‘Top 30 Under 30 Asia-Pacific’ in Healthcare & Science.

 Research Achievements

ASPIRE Awards 2023: Winner for algae-based water treatment. Forbes Top 30 Under 30: Recognized in 2020. BP Advancing Energy Scholarship 2019: Acknowledged for building carbon-neutral futures.

📚Top Noted Publication

  1. “Nitrogen dynamics and biological processes in soil amended with microalgae grown in abattoir digestate to recover nutrients.”
    • Shayesteh, H., Jenkins, S.N., Moheimani, N.R., Bolan, N., Bühlmann, C.H., Gurung, S.K., Vadiveloo, A., Bahri, P.A., Mickan, B.S. (2023)
    • Journal of Environmental Management, 344, 118467.
    • (Q1, SJR: 1.48, Impact factor: 8.91)
  2. “Understanding photochemical adaptations of microalgal ammonium extremophiles to elevated ammonium concentrations in abattoir anaerobic digestate.”
    • Nwoba, E.G., Vadiveloo, A., Bahri, P.B., McKirdy, S.J., Moheimani, N.R. (2023)
    • Algal Research, 103272.
    • (Q1, SJR: 1.04, Impact Factor: 4.401)
  3. “Performance of a biocrust cyanobacteria-indigenous bacteria (BCIB) co-culture system for nutrient capture and transfer in municipal wastewater.”
    • Wu, L., Quan, L., Deng, Z., Vadiveloo, A., Cheng, Y., Yang, L., Zhang, Z., Saber, A.A., Lan, S. (2023)
    • Science of The Total Environment, 888, 164236.
    • (Q1, SJR: 1.04, Impact factor: 10.75)
  4. “Integrated culture and harvest systems for improved microalgal biomass production and wastewater treatment.”
    • Huang, K.-X., Vadiveloo, A., Zhou, J.-L., Yang, L., Chen, D.-Z., Gao, F. (2023)
    • Bioresource Technology, 128941.
    • (Q1, SJR: 2.35, Impact factor: 11.889)
  5. “Supplementation of exogenous phytohormones for enhancing the removal of sulfamethoxazole and the simultaneous accumulation of lipid by Chlorella vulgaris.”
    • Yang, L., Vadiveloo, A., Chen, A.-J., Liu, W.-Z., Chen, D.-Z., Gao, F. (2023)
    • Bioresource Technology, 129002.
    • (Q1, SJR: 2.35, Impact factor: 11.889)
  6. “Culture depth effect on Scenedesmus sp. growth, photo-physiology and nutrient removal rate in anaerobically digested abattoir effluent.”
    • Shayesteh, H., Raeisossadati, M., Vadiveloo, A., Bahri, P.A., Moheimani, N.R. (2023)
    • Journal of Applied Phycology, 1-14.
    • (Q1, SJR: 0.6, Impact factor: 3.834)
  7. “Efficient coupling of sulfadiazine removal with microalgae lipid production in a membrane photobioreactor.”
    • Gao, F., Zhou, J.-L., Zhang, Y.-R., Vadiveloo, A., Chen, Q.-G., Liu, J.-Z., Yang, Q., Ge, Y.-M. (2023)
    • Chemosphere, 137880.
    • (Q1, SJR: 1.51, Impact factor: 8.943)
  8. “Long term outdoor microalgal phycoremediation of anaerobically digested abattoir effluent.”
    • Shayesteh, H., Vadiveloo, A., Bahri, P.A., Moheimani, N.R. (2022)
    • Journal of Environmental Management, 323, 116322.
    • (Q1, SJR: 1.48, Impact factor: 8.91)
  9. “Roles, mechanism of action, and potential applications of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria for environmental bioremediation.”
    • Nguyen, P.M., Do, P.T., Pham, Y.B., Doan, T.O., Nguyen, X.C., Kul, L.W., Nguyen, D.D., Vadiveloo, A., Um, M.-J., Ngo, H.H. (2022)
    • Science of The Total Environment, 158203.
    • (Q1, SJR: 1.04, Impact factor: 10.75)
  10. “Temperature regulation schemes for improving biomass productivity and nutrient removal rate in outdoor raceway ponds.”
    • Isiramen, O.E., Bahri, P.A., Moheimani, N.R., Vadiveloo, A., Shayesteh, H., Parlevliet, D.A. (2022)
    • Bioresource Technology Reports, 19, 101147.
Ashiwin Vadiveloo | Algal Biotechnology | Young Scientist Award

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