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Prof. Dr. Eusebio Juaristi is a highly accomplished scientist and academic with expertise in the fields of chemistry and molecular biology. He pursued his postgraduate studies, earning a Doctorate in Chemistry at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill from September 1972 to March 1977. Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor of Chemical Sciences at the Institute of Technology and Higher Studies of Monterrey (ITESM) from February 1968 to June 1972.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Juaristi has held various significant positions and contributed significantly to both academia and industry. He served as the Head of the Chemistry Department at CINVESTAV from August 2007 to May 2013 and has been involved in international collaborations as a Visiting Professor at institutions such as RWTH-Aachen in Germany and the University of California at Berkeley.

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🎓 Education

Prof. Dr. Eusebio Juaristi completed his education with the following details:

Postgraduate Studies:

  • University: University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA
  • Degree: Doctor in Chemistry
  • Duration: September 1972 to March 1977

Professional Studies:

  • Institute: Institute of Technology and Higher Studies of Monterrey (ITESM)
  • Degree: Bachelor of Chemical Sciences
  • Duration: February 1968 to June 1972
  • Grade Examination: August 1974

Preparatory Studies:

  • School: Irapuato Preparatory School
  • Duration: February 1966 to December 1967

Primary and Secondary Studies:


  • “Marciano Tinajero y Estrada” Institute, Querétaro, 1957-1962
  • “Villa Estela” Institute, Tlaxcala, 1963-1964
  • “Juan Ponce de León” Institute, Puebla, 1965

🔬 Professional Experiences

Prof. Dr. Eusebio Juaristi has a rich and extensive professional experience:

Head of Chemistry Department, CINVESTAV:

  • Duration: August 7, 2007, to May 31, 1013.

Visiting Professorships:

  • Institute of Organic Chemistry, Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH-Aachen), Germany, May 1 to July 31, 2013.
  • Department of Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, USA, August 1999 to July 2000.
  • Department of Chemistry, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland, September 1985 to August 1986, and August 1992 to August 1993.

Coordinator and Full Professor at CINVESTAV:

  • Coordinator of the peptide laboratory from July 1, 2005, to December 31, 2015.
  • Full Professor, Head of the Organic Physical Chemistry Laboratory from January 1, 1983.

Other Visiting Professor Roles:

  • University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, and various other institutions in France, Finland, Spain, Brazil, Israel, and more.

Adjunct Professor and Academic Coordinator:

  • Adjunct Professor, Head of the Organic Physical Chemistry Laboratory from September 1, 1979, to December 31, 1982.
  • Academic Coordinator of the Department of Chemistry from May 1, 1980, to August 31, 1983.

Industrial and Research Roles:

  • Syntex Diagnostics Division (SYVA Research Inst.), Palo Alto, Calif., USA, from September 1978 to August 1979.
  • Research Associate at the University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A., from April 1977 to September 15, 1978.
  • Industrial Advisor at “Industrial Orgánica, S.A.”, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, in various periods.

Research and Teaching Positions:

  • Research work in organic chemistry at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA, from September 1972 to March 1977.
  • Instructor in the Analytical and Organic Chemistry Laboratory at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA, in 1974.
  • Research work in the Chemistry Department of ITESM, Mexico, from January 1971 to June 1972.
  • Assistant Teacher at ITESM, teaching elementary organic chemistry from September 1970 to May 1972.
  • Research work at the Syntex Research Center, S.A., Mexico City, in the summer of 1970.

This comprehensive professional journey showcases Prof. Dr. Eusebio Juaristi’s extensive contributions to academia, research, and leadership in the field of chemistry.

Research Area

Prof. Dr. Eusebio Juaristi’s research area spans various aspects of organic chemistry, with a particular focus on the synthesis of organic compounds, conformational analysis, and stereochemistry. His expertise encompasses both applied and theoretical studies in the field. Some key areas of his research include:

Synthesis of Narcotics and Pharmaceutical Derivatives:

  • Prof. Juaristi has been involved in the synthesis of narcotics and pharmaceutical derivatives, contributing to the development of compounds with potential applications in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Conformational Analysis and Stereochemistry:

  • His work includes in-depth studies on conformational analysis and stereochemistry, exploring the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in organic molecules. This research is crucial for understanding molecular structures and their properties.

Peptide Chemistry:

  • As the Coordinator of the peptide laboratory at CINVESTAV, Prof. Juaristi has likely been engaged in research related to peptide chemistry. Peptides play a vital role in various biological processes and have applications in medicine and biotechnology.

Chemistry of Weak Acids and Theoretical Studies:

  • Prof. Juaristi has conducted research in the chemistry of weak acids, indicating an interest in understanding the properties and behavior of these acids in chemical reactions. Theoretical studies involve computational approaches to analyze organic molecules.

Organic Physical Chemistry:

  • His role as the Head of the Organic Physical Chemistry Laboratory suggests a focus on the physical aspects of organic compounds. This may involve studying their physical properties, spectroscopy, and other characteristics.

Industrial Collaboration:

  • Prof. Juaristi’s involvement in industrial advisory roles at “Industrial Orgánica, S.A.” and Syntex Diagnostics Division reflects a connection between academic research and industrial applications, showcasing a multidisciplinary approach.

Visiting Professorships:

  • His diverse experiences as a visiting professor at various international institutions indicate collaboration and knowledge exchange on a global scale.

📚Top Noted Publication

The provided list includes selected publications by Prof. Dr. Eusebio Juaristi along with their respective citation counts:

Phosphorylation of zona occludens-2 by protein kinase Cε regulates its nuclear exportation

  • Authors: D Chamorro, L Alarcon, A Ponce, R Tapia, H González-Aguilar, …
  • Journal: Molecular Biology of the Cell
  • Year: 2009
  • Citations: 30

Diastereoselective Electrophilic Amination of Chiral 1‐Benzoyl‐2, 3, 5, 6‐tetrahydro‐3‐methyl‐2‐(1‐methylethyl) pyrimidin‐4 (1H)‐one for the Asymmetric Syntheses of α …

  • Authors: E Castellanos, G Reyes‐Rangel, E Juaristi
  • Journal: Helvetica Chimica Acta
  • Year: 2004
  • Citations: 30

Conformational analysis of 1, 3-dithian-2-yltrimethylphosphonium chloride. Origin of the SCP anomeric effect

  • Authors: E Juaristi, G Cuevas
  • Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Year: 1993
  • Citations: 30

Catalytic enantioselective syntheses of isoxazolidin-5-ones

  • Authors: C Cabrele, O Reiser, F Lovering, J Bikker, C Humblet, F Lovering, …
  • Journal: Synthesis
  • Year: 2017
  • Citations: 29

Identification of selective and non-selective, biostable β-amino acid agonists of recombinant insect kinin receptors from the southern cattle tick Boophilus microplus and …

  • Authors: S Taneja-Bageshwar, A Strey, P Zubrzak, H Williams, G Reyes-Rangel, …
  • Journal: Peptides
  • Year: 2008
  • Citations: 29

These publications reflect Prof. Dr. Eusebio Juaristi’s contributions to various fields, including molecular biology, organic chemistry, and catalysis. The citation counts indicate the impact and recognition of these works within the scientific community.



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