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Mr. Himangshu Deka | Photovoltaic |Women Researcher Award

👨‍🏫Profile Summary

Experienced in erection, pre-commissioning, and commissioning activities in thermal power projects. Proficient in PLC commissioning, troubleshooting, and control system maintenance. Skilled in preparing technical documentation and reviewing control systems.

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🎓 Education📚

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) CPI: 8/10 Department: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering NIT Silchar, Assam, India Research Topic: “Design and modelling of a-Si/c-Si, MoS2/c-Si Heterojunction Solar cells and application of low pressure RF-sputtered Al2O3 for hydrogenated amorphous silicon based Solar photovoltaics.” Master of Technology (M.Tech.) CGPA: 8.36 Department: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India. Specialization: VLSI design and Embedded system. Project Title: Deposition and Characterization of CTS (Copper Tin Sulfide) for the application of photovoltaic cell. Bachelor of Engineering (BE) CGPA: 8.39 Department: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India.

🏭 Industrial Experience 🛠️

Employer: BGR Energy Systems Ltd.
Role: Engineer – Control & Instrumentation
Period: August 2012 to January 2014
Project: 2x600MW, KALISINDH SUPER THERMAL POWER PROJECT, Jhalawar, Rajasthan, Owned by RRVUNL.


🔬 Research Experience 🌱

Seven years of lab experience focusing on material characterization, solar cell simulation, and fabrication of homo/hetero junction solar cells.

👨‍🏫 Teaching Experience 📖

Currently working as an Assistant Professor in the department of ECE in BIET, Hyderabad. Additionally, five years of experience as a full-time scholar at NIT Silchar, conducting laboratory classes and theory sessions.

🔍 Research Interests 📊

Specialized in Thin Film Solar Cells, Material Characterization, Semiconductor Device Physics, and Solar Energy Materials.

🛠️ Expertise and Skills 🖥️

Proficient in handling instruments such as RF-PECVD, RF-sputtering, Thermal evaporation, Ball milling, and LCR meter. Skilled in analysis techniques including UV-Vis-NIR, X-Ray diffraction, AFM, SEM, and J-V measurements. Experienced in software tools like AFORS-HET, SCAPS-1D, LT-SPICE, PSIM, TANNER, LAB View, and MATLAB.


📚Top Noted Publication

  1. Title: Impact of post-deposition annealing in Cu2SnS3 thin film solar cells prepared by doctor blade method
    Authors: A Basak, H Deka, A Mondal, UP Singh
    Journal: Vacuum
    Volume: 156
    Pages: 298-301
    Year: 2018
    Citations: 18


  1. Title: Effect of Substrate on the structural, optical and electrical properties of CuSnS thin films prepared by doctor blade method
    Authors: A Basak, H Deka, A Mondal, UP Singh
    Journal: Materials Today: Proceedings
    Volume: 4
    Issue: 14
    Pages: 12529-12535
    Year: 2017
    Citations: 13


  1. Title: Design and simulation of highly efficient one-sided short PIN diode silicon heterojunction solar cell
    Authors: H Deka, AK Sunaniya, P Agarwal
    Journal: IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics
    Volume: 12
    Issue: 1
    Pages: 204-212
    Year: 2021
    Citations: 4


  1. Title: Simulation studies on MoS2 (n)/a-Si: H (i)/c-Si (p)/MoO3 heterojunction solar cells using one sided short diode approximation
    Authors: H Deka, AK Sunaniya, P Agarwal
    Journal: Solar Energy
    Volume: 263
    Pages: 111943
    Year: 2023


  1. Title: A Numerical Study on a c-Si (P) Substrate-Based Homo-Hetero Junction Solar Cell
    Authors: H Deka, AK Sunaniya, P Agarwal
    Conference: North-East Research Conclave
    Pages: 91-99
    Year: 2022


  1. Title: Effect of sulfurization on Cu2SnS3 thin film prepared by doctor blade method
    Authors: A Basak, H Deka, UP Singh, A Mondal
    Conference: Proceedings of the seventeenth international conference on thin films: abstracts
    Year: 2017
Himangshu Deka | Photovoltaic | Best Researcher Award

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