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Assist Prof Dr. Muhammad Ilyas | Software Engineering |Best Researcher award


👨‍🏫 Career Objective

My career objective is to become an accomplished researcher and team leader in the field of Software Engineering, with a particular focus on Global Software Engineering. I aspire to collaborate with international experts, leveraging my organizational skills and hard-working nature to make a significant contribution to the success of the organization and serve humanity.

🌐 Professional Profiles

🎓 Achievements Summary

PhD Degree: Earned in 2017 with a specialization in Global Software Development. Thesis Title: “Software Integration Model for Global Software Development.” Publications: 20 Journal Publications, 8 Conference Proceedings, with ongoing submissions. Supervision: Guided 2 completed PhD scholars, 1 in progress, 8 M.Phil scholars, and 7 in progress. Citations: 392 on Google Scholar, h-index of 12, i10-index of 15.

🔍 Current Position

Assistant Professor of Computer Science (BPS-19)

  • Department: Computer Science & IT, University of Malakand, Chakdara Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan.

📚 Academics

Ph.D: Computer Science (Software Engineering), University of Malakand, 2015. M.S: Computer Science, CECOS University of IT & Emerging Sciences, 2008. M.Sc: Economics, University of Peshawar, 2009. B.Sc: Mathematics A, B and Computer Science, University of Peshawar, 1994.

🏆 Distinctions

1st Position: MS (course work). Commendation: Certificate from DCO Upper Dir during service. Travel Grants: Four grants for international conference presentations. PhD Thesis: Commendation from external examiner, Prof. Dr. Tony Clear.

🌐 Professional Experience

Lecturer Govt: Degree College, Thana District Malakand Oct-1998 to Dec-2000.  Lecturer Govt College of Management Sciences, Thana Malakand Jan-2001 to Mar-2003 Asst. Programmer Finance & Planning Department, District Government Upper Dir Mar-2003 to Jun-2005 Responsibilities: System and Database Administrator in District Finance Department Upper Dir. Processing non-Developmental and Developmental Budget and ADP data. Communication of information to Provincial Finance Department. Collection, Tabulation, Computation, Analysis, Evaluation, and Graphical representation of Data. MIS Specialist/Programmer Directorate of M&E, P&D Deptt:, Civil Secretariat Peshawar Jul-2005 to Apr-2008 Responsibilities: Development and Maintenance of MIS software for M&E Directorate. Preparation and presentation of data relevant to ADP projects. Supervision and maintenance of M&E Computer Cell. Assistance with computer-related problems. Assessment of Financial and Physical progress of developmental projects. Computer Instructor Staff Welfare Organization, Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan Apr-2008 to Sep-2009 Responsibilities: Imparting computer training to Federal Government Employees. Lecturer in Computer Science Federal Government Educational Institution Cantt Garrison (FGEI/CG), Ministry of Defense, Government of Pakistan Oct-2009 to Jun-2015 Asstt. Professor of Computer Science Federal Government Educational Institution Cantt Garrison (FGEI/CG), Ministry of Defense, Government of Pakistan Jun-2015 to Feb-2018 Responsibilities: Teaching. Controller of Examination. Member of the purchase committee. In-charge Principal during specified periods. Asstt. Professor of Computer Science Department of Computer Science & I.T., University of Malakand, Chakdara Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan Mar-2018 to Till date Responsibilities: Teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels (BS, MPhil, and PhD). Supervision of BS software Projects. Supervision of M.Phil/PhD research scholars. Convenor/Focal Person Scholarships, Department of Computer Science & I.T, UoM. Focal Person Ignite Program, National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative, Government of Pakistan. Convenor/Focal person BS-CS/BS-IT admissions at the Department of CS&IT, University of Malakand.

💻 Software Development Experience

1. Computerization of Combined Military Police (CMP) Record Wing at D.I.Khan (M.Sc Project) As part of my M.Sc project, I successfully computerized the operations of the Combined Military Police Record Wing in D.I.Khan. This initiative aimed to streamline data management and enhance efficiency within the military police department. 2. Software Development for DIR Travel Center at Timergara Developed a custom software solution for the DIR Travel Center in Timergara, facilitating smoother operations and improved customer service in the travel industry. 3. Software Development for Amin Medicos at Timergara Created a tailored software solution for Amin Medicos in Timergara, optimizing inventory management, prescription tracking, and overall workflow in the pharmaceutical sector. 4. Software Development for Fazal Rahim Clinical Laboratory at Timergara Implemented a specialized software system for Fazal Rahim Clinical Laboratory in Timergara, enhancing data accuracy, report generation, and overall efficiency in laboratory processes. 5. “Gold Star” – General Purpose Software for Jewelers (Analog to Digital Converter) Developed “Gold Star,” a versatile software tool designed for jewelers, featuring an Analog to Digital Converter. This software aimed to improve precision and efficiency in jewelry-related processes. 6. Project Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES) for Directorate of M&E, P&D Department, Civil Secretariat Peshawar, Govt: of KPK Designed and implemented the Project Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES) for the Directorate of Monitoring & Evaluation, P&D Department, Civil Secretariat Peshawar. This system facilitated effective project monitoring, data analysis, and reporting. 7. Accounts Management System for Shalimar Traders at U.A.E. Developed an Accounts Management System tailored to the specific needs of Shalimar Traders in the United Arab Emirates, ensuring accurate financial record-keeping and reporting. 8. Inventory Management System (IMS) – General Purpose Software Created a versatile Inventory Management System (IMS) to address the needs of businesses requiring efficient management of inventory and accounts. This system provided comprehensive features for inventory tracking and financial management.

🧠 Research Interests

  • Global Software Engineering
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Outsourcing
  • Software Crowdsourcing
  • Software Security
  • Software Integration in GSD
  • Green Computing
  • Blockchain Application Development
  • Quantum Computing
  • IoT Application Development


📚Top Noted Publication

Muhammad Ilyas | Software Engineering | Best Researcher award

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