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Ms. Phuong Nguyen | Clinical Psychology | Best Researcher Award

Phuong Nguyen at University of Vermont, United States


Ms. Phuong Nguyen is a Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Vermont. Her research explores socioemotional development and the psychological factors influencing children’s conflict resolutions. With a background in research, clinical practice, and teaching, she is committed to advancing understanding in developmental psychology and improving mental health outcomes through evidence-based interventions.




Ms. Phuong Nguyen is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Vermont, where she also completed her M.A. in Psychology in 2021. She obtained her B.S. in Psychology with honors from Trinity College in 2019.

🏥👨‍🏫Professional Experience:

Ms. Nguyen has gained diverse professional experience across research, clinical practice, and teaching:

  • Research: She has served as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Socioemotional Neuroscience and Development Lab at the University of Vermont since 2019, focusing on protocol revision, IRB submissions, data collection, and analysis.
  • Clinical: Ms. Nguyen has worked as a Pre-doctoral Clinician at Timberlane Pediatrics, Clarity Laboratories, Connecting Cultures (Vermont Psychological Services), and the Autism Evaluation and Treatment Clinic (Vermont Psychological Services), providing psychotherapy and psychological evaluations to various populations.
  • Teaching: She has extensive teaching experience as a Teaching Assistant and Lab Instructor for courses such as Research Methods, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics for Psychological Science, and others at the University of Vermont and Trinity College.

Research Interests:

Ms. Nguyen’s research interests include socioemotional development, children’s conflict appraisals, and the impact of parenting styles on child behavior. She has also been involved in psychodiagnostic assessments and has contributed to studies on developmental psychopathology.

Publications Top Notes 📝:

1. Child temperamental negative affectivity moderates the relation between interparental conflict and child cortisol recovery

  • Authors: Nguyen, P., Schermerhorn, A.C.
  • Journal: Social Development
  • Status: Article in Press
  • Year: 2024

2. The interplay among interparental conflict, children’s emotional insecurity, neurophysiological correlates of processing interparental conflict cues, and externalizing symptoms

  • Authors: Schermerhorn, A.C., Nguyen, P., Davies, P.T.
  • Journal: Developmental Psychobiology
  • Volume: 63
  • Issue: 7
  • Year: 2021
  • Article Number: e22192


Phuong Nguyen | Clinical Psychology | Best Researcher Award

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