Angelique Kangondo | Agricultural Economics | Women Researcher Award

Dr. Angelique Kangondo: Agricultural Economics

👨‍🏫Dr. Angelique Kangondo, an agricultural economist at the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA), holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Sokoine University of Agriculture. As a Lecturer at RICA, she specializes in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, actively contributing to research and extension programs. Dr. Kangondo’s expertise spans crucial areas such as rural and agricultural development, with a focus on youth aspirations.

🌐 Professional Profiles:

Academic Positions 🎓

Lecturer, RICA (April 2021 – Present)

Teaches Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Guides RICA’s entrepreneurial incubator and seed projects.

Provides direction for extracurricular activities and maintains diverse stakeholder networks.

Assistant Lecturer, Sokoine University of Agriculture (Nov 2017 – Dec 2020)

Delivered courses in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Assisted students in research works and supported academic/administrative duties.

Assistant Lecturer, University of Rwanda (April – July 2016)

Taught Agricultural Product Marketing. Engaged in university-assigned duties.

Consultancy Experience 💼

National Agricultural Export Development Board, Rwanda (Jan – Aug 2017)

Provided coaching, mentoring, and advisory services to cooperatives. Guided cooperatives in establishing Internal Control Systems for certification.

Rwanda Solution for Horticulture Project/USAID (Dec 2016 – May 2017)

Conducted stakeholder meetings in the horticultural value chain. Collected data on the value chain of various crops.

Education 🎓

Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics (Oct 2017 – Dec 2020), Sokoine University of Agriculture. Thesis: Choice of Livelihood Strategies among Rural Youth in Rwanda. Master’s in Agricultural and Applied Economics (Nov 2013 – Nov 2015), Sokoine University of Agriculture. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (2008 – Feb 2012), University of Rwanda

Research Funds and Scholarships 💰🌍

Successfully raised research funds to investigate youth’s livelihood strategies in Rwanda. Won research funds for studies in conservation agriculture practices, soybean feeds, and RICA students’ engagement in agricultural entrepreneurial activities.

Skills and Certifications 🌐📊

Fluent in Kinyarwanda, French, and English. Skilled in Microsoft Office, SPSS, STATA, R, Python, and EndNote. Experienced in statistical and econometric analyses. Member of African Association of Agricultural Economists and Agricultural Economics Society of Tanzania.

Research Focus 📊🌱

Dr. Angelique Kangondo’s research revolves around empowering rural youth in Rwanda through strategic livelihood choices. Her work delves into the economic intricacies of manure disposal in Morogoro Municipality, emphasizing sustainable agricultural practices (1). Notably, she explores rural youths’ livelihood strategies and their profound impact on income poverty and food security, contributing to the African Journal of Economic and Management Studies (2). Additionally, her research investigates the determinants of livelihood choices among rural youth, shedding light on factors crucial for development, as highlighted in Development in Practice (3). Under review is her examination of the relationship between land size, productivity, and rural youth engagement in agriculture

Top Noted  Publications

A Kangondo (2015). Economics of Manure Disposal and Utilization in Morogoro
Municipality. cited by: 2, publication date: 2015.

Rural Youths’ Choice of Livelihood Strategies and their Impact on Income Poverty and Food Security in Rwanda. publication date: 21 April 2023.

Determinants of choice of Livelihood Strategies among rural youth in Rwanda. publication date: 2023

Productivity and Rural Youth Engagement in Agriculture in Rwanda, Under review. publication date: 2023