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Assist Prof Dr. Damien Olivier | Marine Ecology | Excellence in Research


👨‍🏫Professional Summary 🌟

🌟 Dedicated researcher and esteemed Assistant Professor at FFCLRP-University of São Paulo, blending passion for education and impactful contributions to environmental science. 🎓 Holds a Ph.D. from the Univ. of Utah, with diverse international post-doctoral experiences. 🌿 Expert peer reviewer for leading funding agencies and prestigious journals, showcasing profound knowledge in [Field of Study]. 🏆 Awarded fellowships from renowned institutions and currently spearheading transformative research projects on ecosystem restoration and climate impact. 🌍 Committed to nurturing future scientists, supervising students, and fostering a sustainable future. 🔬✨

🌐 Professional Profiles

Funded Ongoing Student and Post Docs Supervision 🎓

Scientific Initiation: Vinicius Dorea de Oliveira, Marianna Tojal, Helijone Munhoz, Mateus Colucci Fabbris, Ana Carolina Bueno Masters: Renata Grasiele Mendonça Santos Ph.D.: Bruna Aparecida da Silva, Alexandre Brunello, Luiza Cosme, Tony Oliveira, Maquelle Garcia

🎓 Education/Training

1995: B.S. in [Field of Study] – IB-USP / São Paulo, 2000: M.Sc. in [Field of Study] – CENA-USP / Piracicaba, 2005: Ph.D. in [Field of Study] – Univ. of Utah / Salt Lake City, USA, 2010: Post-Doc research assistant – Univ. of Edinburgh / UK, 2013: Post-Doc research assistant – IAG-USP / São Paulo

Peer Reviewer Ad Hoc 📚🔍

As an ad hoc peer reviewer, I’ve been actively engaged in evaluating research articles for various prestigious journals and conferences in the field of ecology and environmental science. My expertise has been recognized by funding agencies and renowned journals. Here’s a snapshot of my contributions

Journals Reviewed 📰

Acta Amazonica (8), Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (1), American Journal of Botany (1), Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (2), Biogeochemistry (1), Biogeosciences (2), Biota Neotropica (2), Biotropica (2), Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology (1), Cerne (1), Climatic Change (1), Environmental and Experimental Botany (1), FLORA – Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants (2), Forest Ecology and Management (5), Frontiers in Forest and Global Change (4), Functional Ecology (1), Functional Plant Biology (1), Global Change Biology (3),Hoehnea (1)

Fellowships Awarded 🏆

Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group – Wageningen University (2014), Gordon’s Research Conferences & Gatsby Foundation – Biddeford/USA (2008), Royal Society of London – LBA meeting, Brazil (2008), New Phytologist – Guangzhou/China (2009), Royal Society of London – collaborative visit to Wageningen University (2010)

Ongoing Research Projects 🌱

FAPESP/NERC-UK: “Restoring neo-tropical dry ecosystems – is plant functional composition the key to success?”. Coordinator: Rafael Oliveira (UNICAMP) e Lucy Rowland (Univ. of Exeter). R$ 935,000 + U$ 159,000 (2019/2023) FAPESP: “BIOTA SYNTHESIS – Nucleus of Analysis and Synthesis of Nature-Based Solutions”. Coordinator: Jean Paul Water Metzger (IB-USP). R$ 1,752,194 (2022/2027) FAPESP: “Management of water sources of local interest for public supply”. Coordinator: Rodrigo Lilla Manzione (FCTE-UNESP). R$ 153,460 (2022/2024) FAPESP: “The impact of climate variability and weather extremes on plant phenology and its implications on biodiversity”. Coordinator: Leonor Patricia Cerdeira Morellato (IB-UNESP/Rio Claro). R$ 950,960 (2022/2024) NERC: “Amazon-SOS: a Safe Operating Space for Amazonian Forests”. Coordinator: Stephen Sitch. GBP 1,010,706 (2023/2027)

Recently Completed Projects

PEERS/USAid: “Functional diversity of interrelated photosynthesis and water use of Central Amazonian trees”. Coordinator: Tomas Domingues. US$ 275.000 (2015/2022) Joint call FAPESP/NERC-UK: “Nordeste: New science for a neglected biome”. Coordinator: Jon Lloyd e I. Colin Prentice. R$ 800.000 + U$ 261.000 (2016/2020) Joint call SPRINT / FAPESP/Univ. of Virginia: “Isoprene emission, ozone pollution, and vegetation dynamics in São Paulo, Brazil”. Coordinator: Tomas Domingues. R$ 32.000 (2017/2019) Joint call FAPESP/ DOE-USA: “Ecophysiological controls on Amazonian precipitation seasonality and variability”. Coordinator: Laura Borma (2014/2017) Joint call FAPESP/ NERC-UK: “ECOFOR: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in degraded and recovering Amazonian and Atlantic Forests”. Coordinator: Carlos Joly e Jos Barlow (2014/2017) NERC-UK: “Effects of Soil Fertility on the Carbon Cycle of Tropical Forests: A Novel Soil Fertility Manipulation Experiment in Amazonia (AFEX”). Coordinator: Iain Hartley (2014/2017)


Academic Quantitative Indicators 📊

  • Peer Review Papers: 70
  • Book Chapters: 6
  • M.Sc. Orientation Concluded: 1
  • M.Sc. Co-Orientation Concluded: 2
  • Ph.D. Co-Orientation Concluded: 2
  • Citations Google Scholar: 7335, H Index: 34

Damien Olivier | Marine Ecology | Best Researcher Award

 Dr. Damien Olivier | Marine Ecology | Best Researcher Award


👨‍🏫Professional Summary 🌟

Dedicated scientist with a Ph.D. in Science and extensive international research experience. Currently serving as a Researcher for Mexico at Conacyt, I have held prestigious post-doctorate positions at the University of LIEGE, Belgium, and Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, Mexico. My expertise lies in marine ecology, with a focus on fish biodiversity and biomechanics. 🐠 Published 16 articles as the lead author and contributed to 8 more. Recognized with grants and awards for outstanding contributions, I also play a leadership role, supervising master’s and Ph.D. theses. 🌊 Active member of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Program.

🌐 Professional Profiles

Work Experience 🌐

Investigador por México Dates: 16/03/19 Employer: Conacyt Address: Av. Insurgentes Sur 1582, Col. Crédito Constructor, Alcaldía Benito Juárez, C.P. 03940, Ciudad de México Sector: Scientific Research Post-doctorate Dates: 01/11/2016-31/10/2018 Employer: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur Address: Carretera al Sur KM 5.5, Apartado Postal 19-B CP: 23080 La Paz, Baja California Sur, México Sector: Scientific Research Post-doctorate Dates: 01/11/2015 – 31/10/2016 Employer: University of LIEGE Address: Place du 20 Août, 7 4000 LIEGE (Belgium) Sector: Scientific Research PhD Student Dates: 01/10/2014 – 31/12/2014 Employer: University of LIEGE Address: Place du 20 Août, 7 4000 LIEGE (Belgium) Sector: Scientific Research PhD Student Dates: 01/01/2011 – 30/09/2014 Employer: FRS-FNRS Address: Rue d’Egmont, 5 1000 Bruxelles (Belgium) Sector: Scientific Research

Education and Training 📚

PhD in Science (Graduated with highest honours) Date: 2015 Organization: University of LIEGE Address: Place du 20 Août,7 4000 LEGE (Belgium) Scientist responsible for directing animal experiments (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations, category C) Date: 2011 Organization: University of LIEGE Address: Place du 20 Août,7 4000 LEGE (Belgium) Master in Oceanography (Graduated with highest honours) Date: 2009 Organization: University of LIEGE Address: Place du 20 Août,7 4000 LEGE (Belgium) Bachelor in Biology Sciences (Graduated with honours) Date: 2007 Organization: University of LIEGE Address: Place du 20 Août,7 4000 LEGE (Belgium)

Scientific Productivity 📊

International Publications with Peer Review: 16 items as First/Corresponding/Last author 8 items as Co-author

Scientific Grants and Awards 🏆

December 2014: Award by the foundation Margareta VAN BENEDEN for PhD thesis work. March 2012: Award by the French ichthyologist society for the best poster presentation. January 2012: Traveling grant for 12 weeks at Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas Del Noroeste, S.C., La Paz, Mexico. mNovember 2011: Travelling grant for five weeks at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat (IUI), Israel. July 2011: Traveling grant for two weeks at Stareso Scientific station, Corse, France.

Leadership 👥

Supervisor of:

    • Master thesis (3)
    • PhD thesis (2)
    • Post-doctorate (1)

Professional Network 🌐

  • Member of the GCRMN: Global Coral Reef Monitoring Program, Eastern Tropical Pacific