Tim Harte | Materials Chemistry | Best Committee Member

Dr . Tim Harte | Materials Chemistry | Best Committee Member

👨‍🏫Profile Summary

I am a dedicated and accomplished PhD student in Engineering at Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials, focusing on ‘Electrolyte Optimisation for Structural Energy Storage Applications.’ My academic journey includes a First Class Honours in Chemistry, a Company Directors Course, and a Diploma of Science with exceptional achievements. Committed to fostering diversity, I contribute to the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Global Network of Young Persons with Disabilities. As an experienced board member, treasurer, and chair in various organizations, including Physical Disability Australia and Surf Coast Shire Council, I bring a wealth of leadership and advocacy skills to the table. Passionate about research, I have a strong background in academic and industry projects, showcased by numerous awards and scholarships.

🌐 Professional Profiles


🎓 Education 📚

PhD Student, Engineering Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University, Dec 2023 – Present Research Project: “Electrolyte Optimization for Structural Energy Storage Applications” Supervised by Prof Luke Henderson (Deakin University IFM), Dr. Dan Eyckens (CSIRO), and Dr. Bhagya Dharmasiri (Deakin University IFM). Bachelor of Science (Honours), Chemistry Deakin University, Waurn Ponds Campus, Oct 2022 – Dec 2023 Research Project: “Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Carbon Fibre Energy Storage Composites” First Class Honours, GPA 7/7, Weighted Average Mark 88.375/100. Company Directors Course (CDC) Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Melbourne, Aug 2022 – Oct 2022 Passed with Order of Merit in the Company Directors Course assignment. Bachelor of Science, Chemistry major Deakin University, Waurn Ponds Campus, June 2018 – Oct 2022 Deakin Scholarship for Excellence recipient (Feb 2019-Oct 2022) GPA 6.94/7, Weighted Average Mark 91.7/100. President of the Deakin University Environmental Justice Club, 2018 – 2021. Diploma of Science (CRICOS 063387K) Deakin College, Waurn Ponds Campus, June 2018 Recipient of Highest Achieving Diploma of Science student graduating in Trimester 1, 2018. Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) CUA50113 The Australian National Memorial Theatre Ltd, Melbourne, Jan 2016 Victorian Certificate of Education Distance Education Centre Victoria, Dec 2015

🌐 Experience 🌟

“Chemistry in Australia” Management Committee Member Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), Melbourne Vic, Feb 2024 – Present RACI Inclusion and Diversity Committee (RIDC) Member Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), Melbourne Vic, Nov 2021 – Dec 2023 Pacific Region Regional Representative Global Network of Young Persons with Disabilities, UN, Geneva & New York, April 2023 – Present Treasurer Physical Disability Australia (PDA), Vic, Nov 2021 – Present Victoria State Director Physical Disability Australia (PDA), Vic, Feb 2021 – Present Surf Coast Shire Council All Abilities Advisory Committee (AAAC) Chair & Committee Member Surf Coast Shire Council, Torquay Vic, Chair Dec 2022 – Present, Member July 2022 – Present Policy & Research Advisor Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN), London, Feb 2023 – Oct 2023 Executive Committee Member Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN), London, Feb 2023 – Oct 2023 Co-Chair Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN), London, Aug 2023 – Oct 2023 Board Member Geelong Landcare Network Inc. (GLN), Geelong Vic, Jan 2021 – Aug 2023 Casual Academic Deakin University Faculty of Health, Waurn Ponds Campus, July 2023 – Nov 2023Board Member Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic), Melbourne Vic, Nov 2020 – May 2023 Treasurer Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic), Melbourne Vic, Dec 2022 – April 2023 Youth Mental Health Working Group Member Youth Affairs Council Victoria, Melbourne Vic, Sept 2020 – Dec 2021 MentorDeakin University, Waurn Ponds Campus Vic, Aug 2021 – Sept 2021 Research Strategy Consultantm Friends of the ABC (ABC Friends Inc), South Melbourne Vic, Sept 2020 – Oct 2020 Research Associate/Summer Project Intern Deakin University Chemistry Department, Waurn Ponds Campus Vic, Nov 2019 – Jan 2020 Administrator/Manager College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT), Russell Lea NSW, Jan 2016 – June 2018

🌱 Voluntary Experience 🤝

Barrabool Hills Landcare Group, Barrabool Vic Executive Committee Member Mar 2018 – Aug 2023 Geelong Landcare Network Delegate Nov 2020 – Aug 2023 Newsletter Editor Mar 2018 – Aug 2021 Chairperson – Bylaws Committee Oct 2020 – Mar 2021 Corangamite Federal Government Electorate, Armstrong Creek, Vic Member – Corangamite Youth Advisory Group Dec 2020 – July 2023 Australian Youth Climate Coalition National Leadership Team Delegate for Victoria Jan 2020 – Aug 2020

🏆 Honours, Awards & Scholarships 🎖️

Volunteer Award, City of Greater Geelong Disability Awards, Dec 2023, Nominee, 2023 Commonwealth Bank Not-for-Profit Treasurers Awards, ICDA, Oct 2023, John Clarke Prize, Deakin University, July 2023, Bennett Honours Scholarship, Deakin University, Feb 2023 – Nov 2023, Undergraduate Achievement Award, Golden Key Honour Society, Dec 2022, Golden Key Honour Society Lifetime Membership, May 2022, Semi-Finalist Victorian Community Achievement Awards Community Hero Award Category, July 2021, Surf Coast Shire Youth Awards – Community Category, June 2021, Semi-Finalist Victorian Young Achiever Awards Community Service and Social Impact Award Category, Feb 2021, Surf Coast Shire Local Legends Award, Feb 2021, Excellence in Personal Achievement Award, Deakin University, May 2020, Deakin Scholarship for Excellence, Deakin University, Feb 2019 – Oct 2022, Silver Award of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Aug 2016, Commanding Officer’s Award, 427 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets, Nov 2011, Field Training Award, 427 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), Nov 2010

📚Top Noted Publication

  1. “Accelerated lithium-ion diffusion via a ligand ‘hopping’ mechanism in lithium-enriched solvate ionic liquids”


  1. “Ti3C2Tx MXene coated carbon fibre electrodes for high-performance structural supercapacitors”


  1. “International Day of People with Disability and ‘Disability 101’”
    • Published in Chemistry in Australia, RACI, December 2022.


  1. “Advocacy 101: What is Advocacy, Advocacy Types & Why is it important”
    • Published by Physical Disability Australia, November 2022.


  1. “How to Get Young People on Board – not Bored”
    • Published by Physical Disability Australia, April 2022.


  1. “The Importance of Associating Reasonable Adjustments with Equitable Outcomes”
    • Published by Physical Disability Australia, July 2021.


  1. “Say It Loud In Your Crowd – A Youth-Led Approach to Talking About Mental Health in Regional and Rural Victoria”
    • Co-authored with Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic), April 2021.


Abdulmajeed AlHadlaq | Energy | Young Scientist Award

 Dr. Amol Bhairuba Ikhe | Energy | Young Scientist Award


👨‍🏫Professional Profile 🌟

🔬 With a rich nine-year background in advanced energy storage materials, I specialize in pioneering electrode materials and systems for cutting-edge batteries beyond lithium-ion. My expertise spans the synthesis and modification of electrode materials using diverse chemical and solid-state approaches. Proficient in assessing electrochemical performance through various techniques, I excel in characterizing materials using in-situ and ex-situ spectroscopic methods. Currently immersed in anode-free all-solid-state lithium battery systems, cathode materials, anode materials, and superionic conductors, I am poised to bring my valuable knowledge and skills to elevate any project or position within your esteemed organization. ⚡🔍 #EnergyStorage #MaterialsScience #BatteryInnovation #Electrochemistry.

🌐 Professional Profiles


Current Position

Research Professor (Apr. 2022 – Present)

Sunchon National University, Suncheon, South Korea.  Developing anode materials and artificial interface layers for all-solid-state lithium and sodium-ion batteries. Working on anode-free all-solid-state lithium battery systems (full cells), cathode materials, anode materials, and superionic conductors. Investigating vacancy-controlled superionic conductors for all-solid-state sodium and lithium-ion batteries. Developing coated high-voltage cathode materials for all-solid-state lithium and sodium-ion batteries.

Previous Positions

Postdoctoral Researcher (Sep. 2020 – Mar. 2022)

Sunchon National University, Suncheon, South Korea. Developed an anode-free Li-metal battery and 4V class organic cathode materials for dual-ion battery application. Explored alloying type anode and 3V class cathode materials for calcium-ion batteries. Conducted surface modification of lithium/zinc metal for lithium/zinc metal batteries.

Doctoral Researcher (Mar. 2015 – Aug. 2020)

📍 Sunchon National University, Suncheon, South Korea. Ph.D. in Chemistry (Secondary Ion Battery). Developed superfast chargeable organic materials for dual-ion battery applications. Investigated organic and inorganic electrode materials for magnesium, calcium, and potassium-ion battery applications. Designed and implemented new electrolytes for 4V class magnesium metal batteries.Designed and implemented hydrophobic organic materials for corrosion protection of magnesium.

Researcher (Aug. 2014 – Jan. 2015)

📍 Mehta API Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India. Developed chloramphenicol base and cinacalcet-hydrochloride drugs.

📚 Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Chemistry (Secondary Ion Battery) – Sunchon National University, South Korea.  Thesis: “Electrode materials and corrosion protection for viable magnesium ion batteries.” M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) – Swami Ramananda Teerth Marathwada University, India.Thesis: “Microwave-induced one-pot synthesis of 2, 4, 5 – trisubstituted Imidazoles.” B.Sc. in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Computer Science – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, India.

🏆 Awards and Achievements

🏆 “Innovative idea of the year” – HP Green R&D New Generation Ideation Contest (NGIC-2022). Topic: “Anode-Free Batteries: Next Generation Batteries for Electrification and Aviation Applications.””Best poster award” – 127th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society (May 2021).Topic: “Poly(vinyl carbazole) as a high energy and power density cathode material for Mg-based dual-ion battery.””3rd best innovative idea of the year” – HP Green R&D New Generation Ideation Contest (NGIC-2020). Topic: “Magnesium Ion Batteries: A Next-Generation Energy Storage Device.” “Best poster award” (1st place) – Printed Electronics Engineering Conference (June 2017). Topic: “MgTf2 + AlCl3/Diglyme as an electrolyte system with a wide electrochemical window for future magnesium ion batteries. “Eklavya scholar” from 2013-2014 at Swami Ramananda Teerth Marathwada University in Nanded, India.”Topper fellowship” in 2013 by the School of Chemical Science at SRTMU, Nanded.

🛠 Operational Experience & Equipment Proficiency

🧪 Lab Equipment:

X-ray Diffractometer, SEM, Raman Spectrometer, FT-IR Spectrometer, Thermogravimetric Analyzer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, FE-SEM, Atomic Force Microscopy, Glove Box, Automatic Electrochemical Workstation.

🌐 Software Proficiency:

Proficient in various software used for materials characterization and interpretation.

📝 Patents & Licensing

Materials for the Cathode of Magnesium Ion Batteries (2020): The patent seems to cover materials specifically designed for the cathode of magnesium ion batteries. Magnesium ion batteries are an emerging technology with potential applications in energy storage. Anode-Free Lithium Metal Battery (2022): This patent likely focuses on anode-free lithium metal batteries, which is an innovative approach in battery technology. Traditional lithium-ion batteries have an anode, but anode-free designs aim to improve energy density and performance. Cathode Active Material for Sodium Ion Battery (2023): This patent appears to involve a cathode active material designed for sodium ion batteries. Sodium-ion batteries are considered an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, and research in this area may contribute to the development of more sustainable and cost-effective energy storage solutions. Manufacturing Vacancy-Controlled Superionic Conductor Na3-XGd1-XZrXCl6 for All-Solid-State Sodium-Ion Batteries (2023): The patent seems to focus on the manufacturing process of a vacancy-controlled superionic conductor Na3-XGd1-XZrXCl6, specifically tailored for all-solid-state sodium-ion batteries. All-solid-state batteries are a promising technology that aims to improve safety and energy density compared to traditional liquid electrolyte batteries.


📚Top Noted Publication

One-pot synthesis of 2, 4, 5-trisubstituted imidazoles using cupric chloride as a catalyst under solvent free conditions Paper Published in 2014 Cited by 6

Li+-intercalated carbon cloth for anode-free Li-ion batteries with unprecedented cyclability    Paper Published in 2022 Cited by 4