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Jothimani Gurusam| Psychiatric Nursing

👨‍🏫 Dr Jothimani Gurusamyan  Dr at University of National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, India. Department of Medicinal Chemistry, stands as a distinguished Academician/Research Scholar in the domain of Nursing and Health Professions. Holding a PhD Nursing: NIMHANS, 2016-2020.(Mixed Method Research), their professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚

🌐 Professional Profiles:

🎓 Academic Qualifications

PhD Nursing: NIMHANS, 2016-2020. (Mixed Method Research), M.Sc. in Psychiatric Nursing: NIMHANS, 2010. Passed with Distinction. M.A. Psychology: Annamalai University, 2003. B.Sc. in Nursing: Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Para Medical Sciences, 1999.

👩‍🏫 Positions Held

Tutor: NIMHANS, Since 19.9.2007, Staff Nurse: NIMHANS, 19.6.2000 – 18.9.2007, Lecturer: RVS College of Nursing, Coimbatore, 1.1.2000 – 18.6.2000, Lecturer: K.G. College of Nursing, Coimbatore, 1.7.1999 – 31.12.1999, Staff Nurse: Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore, 1.6.1994 – 30.6.1997

🏅 Awards, Fellowships, and Recognitions

Award for Excellence in Research: National Education Brilliance Awards, 29.10.2023, Best Scientific Paper Presenter Award: International Workshop on Qualitative Research Methodology, St. John’s College of Nursing, 13-14th July 2023. Award of Research Excellence: International Journal of Science and Technology (IJMTST) Excellence Awards, April 2022. Second Prize for Best Poster Presentation: International Neurotrauma Conference, NIMHANS, August 2015.

🌟 Recognitions

Completed PhD (Psychiatric Nursing), NIMHANS, Bangalore – 2016-2020. Passed with Distinction in Masters in Psychiatric Nursing, NIMHANS, Bangalore, 2008-2010. Member of Editorial Advisory Board (Former): Journal of Psychiatric Nursing. Associate Editor (Former): Indian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing. Peer Reviewer: JAPNA, PLOS One, IJMHN, ISPN, Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, etc.

🔬 Research Experience as Guide & Coordinator

Coordinator for Post Basic BSc Nursing Programme. Guide for various BSc Nursing Projects focusing on mental health, evidence-based practice, training needs, and well-being among nursing students at NIMHANS.

Top Noted Publication:

  1.  Barriers and Needs of Mental Health Nursing Practitioners toward the Provision of Physical Health Care for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Survey in India
    Authors: Jothimani Gurusamy, Senthil Amudhan, Melwine Menen, Kathyayani B. Veerabhadraiah, & Dinakaran Damodharan
    Journal: Journal of Issues in Mental Health Nursing, (2023), 1009-1019
  2.  Health-promoting behaviors, their relationships and correlates in nursing students: Implications for nursing education and practice
    Authors: Jothimani Gurusamy, Senthil Amudhan, Kathyayani B. Veerabhadraiah, Marimuthu Palaniappan
    Journal: Journal of Professional Nursing, (2022), 39, 69-75
  3. Grounded theory of ‘lifestyle adaptation’ – Perspectives from persons with schizophrenia and their caregivers
    Authors: Jothimani Gurusamy, Sailaxmi Gandhi, Dinakaran Damodharan, Venkatasubramanian Ganesan, Marimuthu.P
    Journal: Asian Journal of Psychiatry, (2021)
  4.  Misconceptions about traumatic brain injury among nursing students in India: Implications for nursing care and curriculum
    Authors: Gurusamy J, Gandhi S, Amudhan S, Veerabhadraiah KB, Narayanasamy P, Sreenivasan ST, Palaniappan M
  5.  Perception of Expressed Emotion Among Persons with Mental Illness
    Authors: Sailaxmi Gandhi, Narayanasamy Padmavathi, Rajil Raveendran, Prabhu Jadhav, Maya Sahu, Jothimani Gurusamy, Krishna Prasad Muliyal
    Journal: J. Psychosoc. Rehabil. Ment. Health (2020), 7, 121–130
  6.  Healthy lifestyle behavior and personal control in persons with schizophrenia with healthy subjects
    Authors: Sailaxmi Gandhi, Jothimani Gurusamy, Dinakaran Damodharan, Sendhil Kumar Raghupathy, Venkatasubramanian Ganesan, Marimuthu.P
    Journal: Asian Journal of Psychiatry (2019)
  7.  Facilitators of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors in persons with schizophrenia- a qualitative feasibility pilot study
    Authors: Sailaxmi Gandhi, Jothimani.G, Dinakaran Damodharan, Venkatasubramanian Ganesan, Marimuthu.P
    Journal: Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 40, 3-8 (2018)



Jothimani Gurusamy | Psychiatric Nursing| Best Researcher Award

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