MELKAMU MEKONEN | climate change | Best Researcher Award

Mr. MELKAMU MEKONEN | climate change | Best Researcher Award

I’m Melkamu Kassaye Mekonen; I graduated with my BSc in Forest and Nature Conservation at Mekelle University in Ethiopia, and the University of Gondar in Ethiopia awarded me a MSc degree in Forest Management and Utilization. Currently, I serve as a researcher and instructor in the department of forestry and climate science at Injibara University, Ethiopia. I bring with me four years of research and five years of education, research, and community-based project experiences in the forestry, environment, and agricultural fields. My aspiration is to pursue a PhD in Forestry, focusing on natural forest optimization and ecological interaction and management of bamboo forest resources, either in China or Ethiopia, in collaboration with supervisors.


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💼Work Experience

Forestry Researcher

Employer: Sekota Dryland Agricultural Research Center, Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute, City: Sekota | Country: Ethiopia, Role: Forestry research project and team coordinator, Responsibilities: Proposal development, conducting experiments and research in forestry, final paper writing, presenting, and publishing.

Forestry Lecturer and Researcher

Employer: Injibara University, City: Injibara | Country: Ethiopia, Department: Forestry and Climate Science, Role: Head of department, Responsibilities: Conducting research and community service in agriculture and forestry, overseeing departmental activities.

🎓Education and Training

BSc. in Forest and Nature Conservation University: Mekelle University, Ethiopia, Field of Study: Forest and Nature Conservation, Thesis: Floristic diversity in area exclosures in Northern Ethiopia. MSc in Forest Management and Utilization University: University of Gondar, Ethiopia, Field of Study: Forestry, Thesis: Role of area exclosures for forest restoration in Northeastern Ethiopia

 Management and Leadership Skills

Forestry Research Directorate Coordinator: Coordinated over 38 forestry research programs at Sekota Dryland Agricultural Research Center. Head of Department of Forestry and Climate Science: Served as department head at Injibara University for two and a half years.

🌿 Project

A potential cause for extensive dieback of Acacia mearnsii plantation in highlands districts of Awi zone, Northwestern Ethiopia Status: To be published in Journal of Cogent Agriculture. Biomass, Carbon, and CO2 Sequestration in Natural Forests: Variations Across Environmental Factors, Forest Ecosystems, Degradation Levels, and Conservation Measures Status: To be published in Journal of Ecology and Evolution. Floristic Diversity of Natural Forest Patches Across forest ecosystems in Northwestern Ethiopian Status: To be published in Journal of F1000Research. Composition, Medicinal Values, and Threats of Plants Used in Indigenous Medicine in Jawi District, Ethiopia: Implications for Conservation and Sustainable Use. Status: Submitted to Journal of Ethnobotany

Publications Top Notes 📝

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  • Sixth-order compact finite difference method for singularly perturbed 1D reaction diffusion problems
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  • Parameter-uniform numerical scheme for singularly perturbed parabolic convection–diffusion Robin type problems with a boundary turning point
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  • A parameter-uniform numerical method for singularly perturbed Robin type parabolic convection-diffusion turning point problems
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Haoxian Lin | Atmospheric Physics | Best Scholar Award

 Mr. Haoxian Lin | Atmospheric Physics | Best Scholar Award

👨‍🏫Profile Summary

Lin Haoxian is a dedicated PhD student specializing in Atmospheric Physics at Nanjing University. With a Master’s in Development Economics and Bachelor’s in Economic and Financial Sciences from the same institution, he has a strong academic background. His research focuses on analyzing the impacts of northward typhoons on autumn haze pollution over North China Plain. Lin has published in reputable journals and showcased expertise in statistical analysis, programming, and regional climate modeling. With a keen interest in aerosol-weather interactions, he aims to contribute significantly to the field in the future.


🌐 Professional Profiles




About My Education, Experience, and Academic Achievements 🎓

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Atmospheric Science from Nanjing University and am currently pursuing my doctorate in Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment at the same esteemed institution. During my undergraduate years, I actively engaged in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship training program, where my research on indoor and outdoor air quality was published in Aerosol and Air Quality Research in 2020. Now, during my doctoral studies, my research on the impacts of northward typhoons on autumn haze pollution over the North China Plain has been recently published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Proficient in analyzing diverse datasets and utilizing regional climate models, I aim to delve deeper into the interaction between typhoons and aerosols, contributing to the field of atmospheric science.

About My Contribution to Research & Development, Innovations, and Extension Activities 🌐

My research has shed light on the significant role of northward typhoons in autumn haze pollution over the North China Plain. By analyzing ground-based and satellite observations, reanalysis data, and model simulations, we identified the mechanisms behind rapid PM2.5 increases during these events. Our findings underscore the importance of synoptical weather patterns in haze pollution and provide insights for mitigating haze exposure in affected regions. I aim to further explore the interaction between typhoons and aerosols, contributing to our understanding of atmospheric processes and aiding in the development of strategies for improving air quality.

📚Top Noted Publication

Title: Impacts of Northward Typhoons on Autumn Haze Pollution Over North China Plain
Authors: Lin, H., Ding, K., Huang, X., Ma, Y., Ding, A.
Journal: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
Year: 2024
Volume: 129
Issue: 6


Title: Joint effects of environmental filtering and dispersal limitation on the species assemblage of the Tibetan Plateau
Authors: He, J., Lin, H., Wang, R., Yu, J., Jiang, H.
Journal: Journal of Biogeography
Year: 2022
Volume: 49
Issue: 4
Pages: 640–653


Title: A comparison study of indoor and outdoor air quality in Nanjing, China
Authors: Xu, R., Qi, X., Dai, G., Wang, L., Ding, A.
Journal: Aerosol and Air Quality Research
Year: 2020
Volume: 20
Issue: 10
Pages: 2128–2141