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 Dr. Tammi Jonas | Political ecology | Best Researcher Award

Experienced Agroecologist and President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, leading Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths since 2011. Specializes in heritage breed livestock and operates a Primesafe-licensed butcher shop. Educator in butchery and meat literacy. Lecturer at Southern Cross University, former Senior Risk Analyst at TEQSA, and past leadership roles in various agricultural and educational organizations. Holds a PhD in Agriculture & Environment, a Certificate IV in Meat Processing, and postgraduate degrees in Cultural Studies and Education. Advocates for smallholders at international forums, promoting agroecology and food sovereignty



Education 🎓

PhD in Agriculture & Environment, University of Western Australia (2024) 🌱Dissertation: Australia’s New Peasantry and the Rise of Agroecology: Biodiverse, Decolonial and Non-Capitalist Praxes on Small-Scale FarmsInvestigating the biodiverse, non-capitalist, and anti-colonial values and practices of small-scale livestock farmers, and how to build an agroecological state.Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Meat Safety) (2022) 🥩Meat InspectorTo undertake inspection in future Meat Collective @ Jonai Abattoir.PhD (non-completion) in Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne (2006-2014) 📚Dissertation: Eating the Vernacular, Being Cosmopolitan: Melbourne Culinary EconomiesPostgraduate Diploma in Arts (Cultural Studies), University of Melbourne (2005) 📜Postgraduate Bachelor of Education, Deakin University (1996) 🎓CTEFLA, RSA/Cambridge Certificate, Holmes College (1993) 📚Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of California, San Diego (1993) 🧠

Relevant Experience 📚

Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths (2011-present) 🌾

Agroecologist🐖 Farm heritage breed Large Black pastured pigs & Dairy Short Horn cattle.🥩 Operate a Primesafe-licensed on-farm butcher’s shop producing fresh cuts, smallgoods, and charcuterie under HAACP since 2014.👩‍🏫 Teach workshops on butchering, salami making, and meat literacy.🏗️ Recently attained development approval to build a collectively governed on-farm micro-abattoir for approximately 15 smallholders.

Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) (2014-present) 🌍


🌟 Represent smallholders at local, state, national, and international levels, including across processes of FAO, the CBD, the ITPGRFA, the CGRFA, ASEAN, and the CSIPM.🌐 AFSA is a member of:the IPC for Food Sovereignty (coordinator of Asia Pacific regional committee and the working group on agricultural biodiversity),La Via Campesina, andUrgenci: the international network for community-supported agriculture.

Publications Top Notes 📝

1. Eating the Vernacular, Being Cosmopolitan

Journal: Cultural Studies Review 19 (1), 117-137, 2013
Citations: 23

2. Health Before Medicine: Community Resilience in Food Landscapes

Authors: RG Wallace, R Alders, R Kock, T Jonas, R Wallace, L Hogerwerf
Source: One Planet, One Health: Looking After Humans, Animals and the Environment, 2019
Citations: 13

3. Industrial Agricultural Environments

Authors: RG Wallace, A Liebman, D Weisberger, T Jonas, L Bergmann, R Kock, …
Journal: Routledge Handbook of Biosecurity and Invasive Species, 194-214, 2021
Citations: 12

4. Peoples’ Solutions to Food Systems Transformation in Asia and the Pacific

Journal: Development 64 (3), 295-298, 2021
Citations: 7

5. Developing a Critical Writing Pedagogy: A Discontinuous Narrative

Authors: B Kamler, K Cousins, T Jonas, B Lawson, D Linden
Journal: English in Australia, 24-42, 1997
Citations: 5

6. Regenerative Agriculture and Agroecology—What’s in a Name?

Journal: Food Ethics 24 (6), 2021
Citations: 4

7. The Research Education Experience: Investigating Higher Degree by Research Candidates’ Experiences in Australian Universities

Authors: T Jonas, CA Croker
Year: 2012
Citations: 3

8. Agroecology for Structural One Health

Authors: T Jonas, B Trethewey
Journal: Development 66 (3), 238-244, 2023
Citations: 1

9. Responsibility to Country: Decolonizing Agriculture with Agroecology in Australia

Authors: T Jonas, A Wessell
Journal: Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability 8 (2), 254-260, 2020
Citations: 1

10. What’s Natural About Capital? Agroecology as Resistance to the New Frontier of Colonial Capitalist Carbon Farming

Journal: Capitalism Nature Socialism, 2024

Tammi Jonas | Political ecology | Best Researcher Award

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