Assoc Prof Dr. Wujie Dong | electrode  | young Scientist Award


👨‍🏫Professional Summary 🌟

Wujie Dong, an Associate Professor at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS, is a leading researcher in high-power energy materials. Recognized with the Young Talent Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2024 and securing first place in a national high-power device competition, Dong’s contributions extend to over 70 peer-reviewed papers and numerous patents. 🏆 His impactful projects, including grants from the National Natural Science Foundation and the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, showcase his commitment to advancing energy materials. 🌐 Dong actively engages in academic conferences, serves as a reviewer, and holds positions on the editorial boards of prominent journals.

🌐 Professional Profiles

🎓 Education and Work Experience 🌐

Associate Professor Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences February 2023 – Present Young Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2024) First place in the national high power device comparison and test competition (2023) Special Assistant Professor Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences July 2019 – February 2023  “List of leading technologies” – China Association for Science and Technology (2020) Doctoral Studies Peking University September 2014 – July 2019 Outstanding graduate of PKU, President Scholarship, Innovation award of PKU (Academic), etc. Bachelor’s Degree East China University of Science and Technology September 2010 – July 2014  Excellent graduate of Shanghai, National inspirational scholarship, Shanghai scholarship, etc.

🔬 Scientific Achievements 🔍

Wujie Dong specializes in high-power energy materials, including cathode and anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and the structure design and synthesis strategy of novel electrode and electrolyte materials.


National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 52202327), Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (Grant Nos. 22ZR1471300 and 23DZ1200800). China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant Nos. 2020M671242 and 2021T140688). Special Research Assistant program of CAS. Super Postdoctoral Fellow Program of Shanghai.

🌐 Social Function and Academic Conferences 🗣️

  • Reviewer of AM, AEM, CEJ, Small, JMCA, etc.
  • Youth editorial board of 《eScience》 and 《Rare Metals》

Academic Conferences

The 22nd National High tech Ceramic Academic Annual Conference, 2023, Fuzhou, invitation report. The 8th Academic Conference on Supercapacitors and Key Materials, 2023, Tianjin, invitation report. The 6th China (International) Symposium on Energy Materials Chemistry, Jinan, 2023, invitation report. The First National Conference on Energy Chemistry of the Chinese Chemical Society, 2023, Suzhou, oral presentation. The 2023 eScience Summit Forum, 2023, Tianjin, invitation report. The 12th Symposium on Inorganic and Non-metallic Materials, 2022, Changsha, Theme Report. Academic Seminar on Supercapacitors, 2022, Jinhua, invitation report. China Materials Conference, 2021/2023, Xiamen/Shenzhen, oral report. The 21st National High tech Ceramic Academic Annual Conference, 2020, Hefei, invitation report. The International Conference on Advanced Energy Materials and Devices, 2020, Ningbo, invitation report.

Wujie Dong | electrode | young Scientist Award

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