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 Mr. Anas Raklami | plant-microbe interactions | Young Scientist Award 

With a Ph.D. in Microbiology specializing in Plant Biotechnology and Environmental Science, I bring extensive expertise in rhizobacteria and mycorrhizal fungi applications for soil remediation, notably at the Kettara mine. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, I led initiatives on microbial inoculants for crop resilience and nitrogen fertilizer impacts on wheat productivity. My 30 publications and significant teaching experience underscore my commitment to advancing agroecological solutions and mentoring future scientists. I’ve also contributed to international projects on sustainable agriculture and bioremediation, enhancing soil quality across African regions.



Google Scholar Publication Metrics 📚

For manuscripts published from date range 2019 – March 2024

  • Total times cited: 1268
  • h-index: 17
  • i10-index: 21
  • Publications: 30

Professional Experiences 💼

March 2022 – February 2024: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Ben Guerir, Morocco. Isolating, characterizing, and identifying rhizobia and non-rhizobia of cowpea, soybean, and groundnut nodules. Formulating microbial inoculant and evaluating their effect in the open field in African countries. Assessing the use of commercial rhizobia inoculant to mitigate drought stress in Benimellal region. Conducting a meta-analysis on non-rhizobia species isolated from legume nodules and their effect on improving legume fitness. Investigating the effect of nitrogen fertilizer on winter wheat growth-productivity in open fields across three Moroccan regions (Settat, Zair, and Meknes). Establishing a microbiology laboratory within the premises of AGBS. October 2022 – November 2022: Visiting Researcher, Rothamsted Research, North Wyke, United Kingdom. Measuring greenhouse gases (GHG) from croplands using static chambers. Measuring ammonia using laboratory chambers. May 2018 – August 2018: Research Internship, University of Seville, Faculty of Pharmacy Seville, Seville, Spain. Investigating the impact of heavy metals and rhizobacteria on plant growth, physiology, antioxidant enzymes, and plant gene expression., Quantifying and visualizing biofilm produced by bacteria using electron microscopy.

Education 🎓

2017-2021: PhD in Microbiology, Plant Biotechnology, and Environment Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Science Semlalia, Marrakesh, Morocco. Dissertation title: Potential for phytoremediation assisted by rhizobacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and organo-mineral amendments: towards an approach to rehabilitation/restoration of contaminated soils by metals (case of the Kettara mine, Marrakech). 2015-2017: Master’s degree (M. Sc) in Applied Microbiology Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Marrakesh, Morocco. Dissertation title: Impact of double inoculation rhizobacteria-mycorrhizae on Faba bean and wheat growth and nutrition. 2014-2015: Bachelor’s degree (B. Sc) in Eco-Health and Environment Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Marrakesh, Morocco. Dissertation title: Impact of environmental transformation on human health: case of Marrakesh margin.

Teaching Experiences 🎓

Theoretical Courses:

Rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems (Master students), UCA (4h). Green biotechnologies and applications of plant-microorganism interactions for the restoration of polluted sites (LP-STAD student), UCA (8h). Enumeration, growth, nutrition, and bacterial genetics (Bachelor students), UCA (12h).

Practical Courses:

Characterization of chemical fertilizers (Master students), UM6P (16h). Water and soil microbiology (LP-STAD student), UCA (24h). Water and soil microbiology (Bachelor students), UCA (30h). Soil description and analysis (Bachelor students), UCA (20h). Initiation to basic microbiological techniques (Bachelor students), UCA (100h).

Student Supervision:

Ph.D. Students: Sahlaoui T., 2021-Current. Characterization and valorization of rhizobacteria-agroecological plants symbiosis in the rehabilitation of soils contaminated by heavy metals: an agrobiotechnology solution. Cadi Ayyad University (UCA)/Ruhr University Bochum. Co-supervisor.. Master Students (M. Sc): Banini C., 2023. The effect of heavy metals on the physiological properties of soybean modulating rhizobia: Implication in heavy metals stress mitigation. Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P). Co-supervisor. EL Aouadi F., 2023. Evaluation of plant growth promoting activities of rhizobia and non-rhizobia endophytes of soybean nodules: application in stress mitigation. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah university/UM6P. Co-supervisor.. Bachelor Students (B. Sc): El Allami N., and Elhachim A., 2021. Risks of mining wastes on the environment and bioremediation trials. UCA. Co-supervisor. Abaache Z., and Abarada M., 2020. Microorganism-plant interactions for the rehabilitation of mining wastes. UCA. Co-supervisor.

Internship Experiences 🌍

Practical training / Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Laboratory of Biology and Biotechnology of Microorganisms, ‘Isolation, purification and identification of multi-drug resistant bacteria’ (Marrakech-Morocco). Practical training/ Faculty of sciences Semlalia, ‘Environmental Biotechnology for Bioremediation: Molecular Biology techniques’ (Marrakech-Morocco). Practical training/ Faculty of sciences Semlalia, ‘Methods of gardening and multiplication of plants’ (Marrakech-Morocco). Practical training/ Faculty of sciences Semlalia, Laboratory of Ecology and Environment, ‘Trapping rodents and sandflies’ (Marrakech-Morocco). Bachelor research training/ Faculty of sciences Semlalia, ‘Impacts of environmental transformations on human health: the case of Marrakesh margins’ (Marrakech-Morocco).

Research Projects 🔬

Member of the project funded by OCP-Africa: « Industrial-scalable of rhizobacteria inoculants for sustainable agriculture in Africa: Rhizobium-II ». Member of the project funded by OCP: « Novel fertilizer formulations for Africa ». Member and young researcher of the project funded by Alexander von Humboldt foundation: « Role of rhizobacteria-mycorrhizae-plants symbioses on the improvement of soil quality polluted by mine discharges ». Member of the project PPR2/2016/42 funded by CNRST, Morocco: « Agro-biotechnologie pour la bioremédiation des sols pollués par les métaux lourds (AGROBIO-MET)

Publications Top Notes 📝

  • Use of rhizobacteria and mycorrhizae consortium in the open field as a strategy for improving crop nutrition, productivity and soil fertility
    • Authors: A Raklami, N Bechtaoui, A Tahiri, M Anli, A Meddich, K Oufdou
    • Source: Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 429883, 2019


  • Biofertilizers as strategies to improve photosynthetic apparatus, growth, and drought stress tolerance in the date palm
    • Authors: M Anli, M Baslam, A Tahiri, A Raklami, S Symanczik, A Boutasknit, …
    • Source: Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 516818, 2020


  • Phosphate-dependent regulation of growth and stresses management in plants
    • Authors: N Bechtaoui, MK Rabiu, A Raklami, K Oufdou, M Hafidi, M Jemo
    • Source: Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 679916, 2021


  • Physiological and molecular aspects of tolerance to environmental constraints in grain and forage legumes
    • Authors: A Bargaz, M Zaman-Allah, M Farissi, M Lazali, JJ Drevon, RT Maougal, …
    • Source: International Journal of Molecular Sciences 16 (8), 18976-19008, 2015


  • Effect of salinity on nodulation, nitrogen fixation and growth of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) inoculated with rhizobial strains isolated from the Haouz region
    • Authors: M Faghire, A Bargaz, M Farissi, F Palma, B Mandri, C Lluch, NAT García, …
    • Source: Symbiosis 55, 69-75, 2011


  • Oxidative stress in the root nodules of Phaseolus vulgaris is induced under conditions of phosphorus deficiency
    • Authors: A Bargaz, M Faghire, M Farissi, JJ Drevon, C Ghoulam
    • Source: Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 35 (5), 1633-1644, 2013


Anas Raklami | plant-microbe interactions | Young Scientist Award

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