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Dr Joseph Arhavbarien | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

Director/Researcher at Rockedge Ventures (UK) Ltd United Kingdom

Dr. Joseph Arhavbarien, Ph.D., is a seasoned expert in sustainable business practices with a career spanning over three decades. He earned his Ph.D. in Business and Management from the University of Bedfordshire, UK, focusing on green processes and supply chain management. Joseph’s industrial experience is complemented by his academic prowess, demonstrated through his peer-reviewed publications and extensive teaching in supply chain resilience and structural equation modeling. Now, he is transitioning to academia, where he aims to merge his practical knowledge with research and teaching. 📚🌱


🎓Academic Qualification

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hons) in Microbiology
University of Lagos, Nigeria
📅 September 1985 – November 1989

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business
University of East London, United Kingdom
📅 September 2012 – June 2015

Ph.D. in Business and Management
University of Bedfordshire Business School, United Kingdom
📅 March 2020 – August 2023

Certificate in Agile Project Management (Course & Practice Workshop)
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
📅 September 2023

💼Professional Development

Throughout his career, Dr. Joseph Arhavbarien has developed a robust skill set that bridges industrial operations and academic research. He holds a Ph.D. in Business and Management from the University of Bedfordshire, focusing on sustainable operations. Joseph’s professional journey includes pivotal roles in renowned companies like Tesco and Morrisons, where he honed his expertise in continuous improvement and sustainable practices. His academic credentials are further solidified by teaching engagements and published research in environmental management. Joseph’s development reflects a commitment to enhancing business sustainability through education and innovation. 🌱📈

Top Skills/Tools

📊 Experienced in Statistical Analysis, Data Interpretation, and Problem Solving. Proficient in Microsoft Office tools—Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Skilled in 5S methodology, Numeracy, ISO standards (9001, 14001, 45001), Scrum/Project Management, Business Strategy, Change Management, and Building High-Performance Teams. Knowledgeable in Balanced Scorecard Application, Financial and Structural Equation Modelling, and Supply Chain Sustainability. Specializes in ESG Implementation and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) delivery. Excels in high-care operations and committed to enhancing organizational efficiency and sustainability.

🌟Teaching/Supporting experience

📚 Joseph brings a wealth of industry expertise and academic rigor to his teaching and mentoring roles. He has successfully guided M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates in subjects such as Supply Chain Resilience and the application of AMOS for Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). His lectures on Reflective and Formative Constructs, and Measurement Model Analysis reflect his commitment to enhancing research methodologies. Joseph fosters a dynamic learning environment, leveraging his extensive background in green processes and sustainable operations to inspire students in Operations Management, Business Strategy, and Environmental Management. His dedication is evident in his impactful contributions to academia and industry alike.


🔬Research Involved

Joseph’s research focus revolves around green processes and sustainable operations, particularly in embedding a green culture within businesses. His Ph.D. study at the University of Bedfordshire emphasized green value internalization and its implications for sustainable business decisions. Leveraging quantitative techniques within a positivist paradigm, Joseph applies tools like Qualtrics for survey administration and SPSS/AMOS for data analysis. His research trajectory aims to develop green criteria for stakeholder engagement, contributing to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. With a keen interest in circular economy and reverse logistics, Joseph seeks to drive eco-design concepts to enhance societal and environmental impact while bolstering organizational competitiveness. 🌱

Publications Top Notes

  • 📄 Publication: Arhavbarien, J., Duan, Y., Ramanathan, R. (2024). An investigation of antecedents and consequences of green value internalisation among sampled UK enterprises.
    🔗 Cited by: 0
    📅 Year of Publication: 2024


Joseph Arhavbarien | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

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