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 Dr. Omvir Singh| Sustainable Biomass Upgradation | Young Scientist Award

This professional holds a Ph.D. in Biomass Upgradation and has expertise in heterogeneous catalysis. With a research focus on converting unconventional feedstocks into valuable chemicals, they have contributed significantly to the field of renewable energy and sustainability. Their experience includes positions such as Assistant Professor, Post-doctoral Fellow, and Senior Research Fellow, where they worked on projects related to biomass upgradation, waste plastic valorization, and CO2 hydrogenation. They have received prestigious awards and honors, including the BRICS Young Scientist fellowship and INSPIRE fellowship. Proficient in various computer software and research techniques, their research interests encompass nanomaterial synthesis, biomass conversion, and selective oxidation.




🎓Educational Qualifications

Ph.D. in Biomass Upgradation, Heterogeneous CatalysisAcademy of Scientific & Innovative Research (AcSIR), Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP-CSIR), Dehradun, India, 2022Thesis title: “Production of Aromatics Hydrocarbons by Catalytic Upgradation of Unconventional Feedstocks” PhD supervisor: Dr. Bipul Sarkar/Dr. Suman Lata Jain. Master of Science (Organic Chemistry) SLIET Deemed University Punjab, India, 2017. Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) Ramjas College, University of Delhi, India, 2015

đź“šProfessional Qualification

Assistant Professor (Sept 2023-present)Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Amethi, IndiaResearch focus:Tree-borne oil into valuable chemicals (olefin and aromatics)Biomass Upgradation into valuable chemicals Waste Plastic ValorizationUnconventional feedstock into useful chemicals and fuelsLow-temperature CO2 Hydrogenation into valuable chemicalsPost-doctoral Fellow (PDF) (June 2023 – Sep 2023)International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research Centre, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, JapanResearch focus:Low-temperature CO2 Hydrogenation into methanol and value-added chemicalsInvestigation of the structural design, development, and application of unconventional nanomaterials for heterogeneous catalysisPost-doctoral Fellow (PDF) (July 2022-June 2023)Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, IndiaResearch focus:Conversion of CO2 Hydrogenation into value-added chemicalsInvestigation of unconventional nanomaterials for heterogeneous catalysisSenior Research Fellow (Doctoral Student) (August 2019-September 2022)Catalytic Depolymerisation Area, Catalyst Conversion Division, CSIR- Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, IndiaResearch focus:Development of catalyst and process for the catalytic upgradation of biomass-derived unconventional feedstockUpgradation of raw lignocellulose biomass to synthesis value-added chemicalsConversion of CO2 into value-added chemicalsOxidative valorization of Glycerol into acrylic acid and acroleinHydro-desulfurization of Light Coker gas oil (LCGO) and Light cycle oil (LCO)Junior Research Fellow (Doctoral Student) (August 2017-July 2019)Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Dehradun, IndiaResearch focus:Synthesis & characterization of zeolites, heterogeneous catalysts, carbon material, Metal supported zeolite catalyst, MOF (metalorganic framework), Composite materialEvaluation of catalysts in the fixed-bed downflow continuous reactor and product analysis

🏆Awards & Honours

  • BRICS Young Scientist fellow conducted by China, August 29-September 1, 2022
  • Recipient of INSPIRE fellowship by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for PhD in 2017
  • Recipient of INSPIRE scholarship by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India since 2012
  • ACS membership
  • School topper in Secondary Education, India, 2010

đź’»Computer Skills

OS: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Software: MS Office, Peak fit, Chemdraw, MDI Jade 6, Chem Office, Origin 9.5, Endnote, CASA

🔬Research Techniques

Hands-on experience with Rigaku Gingerflex & Bruker D8 advance X-ray Diffractometer, FEI Quanta SEM, Micromeritics Auto Chem II, HP-Mass Spectrometer, Shimadzu UV-DRS, Agilent/Bruker online or offline GC & RGA, Fixed bed tubular reactors, PARR High-pressure batch reactors, Microreactors, and bench-scale HTHP reactors. Characterization techniques: X-ray Diffraction, FE-SEM, HR-TEM, Raman, In-situ UV DRS, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, FT-IR, BET surface area, pore size distribution, TPR, TPO, TPD, metal dispersion, ICP-AES, TGA-DTA, XANIS, EXAFS

🔍Research Interests

Shape-selective behavior of nanomaterial, Controlled synthesis of nanomaterials, Conversion of Biomass into value-added chemicals CO2 activation, Conversion of non-edible seed oil/used cooking oil to value-added chemicals, Selective oxidation and hydrogenations 2D & 2D porous materials, In-situ characterization of catalyst by IR, XPS, EXAFS etc.

Publications Top Notes đź“ť

Advantages and Limitations of Catalytic Oxidation with Hydrogen Peroxide: From Bulk Chemicals to Lab Scale Process

  • Authors: R Goyal, O Singh, A Agrawal, C Samanta, B Sarkar
  • Journal: Catalysis Reviews
  • Volume: 64
  • Issue: 2
  • Pages: 229-285
  • Year: 2022
  • Citations: 56


Renewable Aromatics from Tree-Borne Oils over Zeolite Catalysts Promoted by Transition Metals

  • Authors: O Singh, A Agrawal, T Selvaraj, IK Ghosh, BP Vempatapu, B Viswanathan, …
  • Journal: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • Volume: 12
  • Issue: 22
  • Pages: 24756-24766
  • Year: 2020
  • Citations: 22


Converting Lignocellulosic Pentosan-Derived Yeast Single Cell Oil into Aromatics: Biomass to Bio-BTX

  • Authors: O Singh, T Sharma, I Ghosh, D Dasgupta, BP Vempatapu, S Hazra, …
  • Journal: ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
  • Volume: 7
  • Issue: 15
  • Pages: 13437-13445
  • Year: 2019
  • Citations: 20


One-Pot Transformation of Glucose into Hydroxymethyl Furfural in Water over Pd Decorated Acidic ZrO2

  • Authors: R Goyal, BM Abraham, O Singh, S Sameer, R Bal, P Mondal
  • Journal: Renewable Energy
  • Volume: 183
  • Pages: 791-801
  • Year: 2022
  • Citations: 17


Production of Renewable Aromatics from Jatropha Oil over Multifunctional ZnCo/ZSM-5 Catalysts

  • Authors: O Singh, A Agrawal, N Dhiman, BP Vempatapu, K Chiang, S Tripathi, …
  • Journal: Renewable Energy
  • Volume: 179
  • Pages: 2124-2135
  • Year: 2021
  • Citations: 12


Integration of Zeolite@ Metal–Organic Framework: A Composite Catalyst for Isopropyl Alcohol Conversion to Aromatics

  • Authors: O Singh, A Agrawal, BM Abraham, R Goyal, C Pendem, B Sarkar
  • Journal: Materials Today Chemistry
  • Volume: 24
  • Article Number: 100796
  • Year: 2022
  • Citations: 9


Omvir Singh | Sustainable Biomass Upgradation |Young Scientist Award

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