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Pallab Mandal :Leading Researcher in Jadavpur University.

👨‍🏫 Pallab Mandal , an Mr at Jadavpur University. stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the  Management and Accounting. Holding PhD Scholar: Pursuing from Jadavpur University Master of Pharmacy: Jadavpur University (2019), India. 🌟Pallab Mandal is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in bio-analytical method development, scientific/medical writing, and profound expertise in breast cancer research. His journey showcases a robust background in pharmaceuticals, with a strong focus on bioequivalence studies, LC-MS/MS analysis, and pharmacokinetic investigations. He possesses a comprehensive skill set in analytical techniques, GLP compliance, and a track record of successful publications and awards in the pharmaceutical domain.

🌐 Professional Profiles:

🎓 Academic Background

PhD Scholar: Pursuing from Jadavpur University Master of Pharmacy: Jadavpur University (2019) ,Bachelor of Pharmacy: Jadavpur University (2015) ,Diploma in Pharmacy: Institute of Pharmacy, Kalyani (2009) Various other diplomas and certifications in related medical fields

🏢 Work Experience

BioAnalyst LC-MS/MS and Head of Quality Assurance: Taab BioStudy Services, Jadavpur (July 2023 – Present)Senior BioAnalyst LC-MS/MS (Lab Incharge): Taab BioStudy Services, Jadavpur (Aug 2015 – July 2023)Teaching experience at Bio-equivalence study center, Jadavpur University (2018 – Present) Pharmacist roles in renowned healthcare facilities.

🏅 Achievements

National Award: M.N. DEV Memorial Award for outstanding performance in D.Pharm final exam International Scientist Award: Recognized as the Best Researcher at INSO Award for Engineering, Science, and Medicine Various awards and accolades for published research papers

🔬 Research & Publications

Diverse research projects focused on bioanalytical method development, pharmacokinetic studies, and drug analysis in human plasma Author of numerous research papers in esteemed national and international journals

📚 Skills & Competencies

Proficient in analytical method development for drug determination in tablets and plasma using HPLC, LC-MS/MS, and various analytical software Expertise in GLP maintenance, validation of developed methods, and analysis of pharmacokinetic data Industrial exposures, workshops, and training in pharmaceutical analysis

Top Noted Publication:

Simultaneous determination and quantitation of diosmetin and hesperetin in human plasma by liquid chromatographic mass spectrometry with an application to pharmacokinetic studies Published on 2019/5/1 Cited by 12

A critical insight of modern herbal drugs therapy under the purview of toxicity and authenticity Published on 2018 Cited by 12

Determination and quantitation of benzofuran, Indole and piperazine containing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor vilazodone hydrochloride in human plasma by LC-ESI-MS/MS … Published on 2021 Cited by 7

LC-MS/MS method development and validation of an antihistaminic, calcium channel blocker, di-phenyl-methyl-piperazine group containing cinnarizine in human plasma with an …Published on 2018 cited by 5

Repeated dose toxicity study in rats of the formulation containing metformin and sitagliptin using microwave assisted acrylamide grafted cassia tora as polymer Published on 2016/6/1 Cited by 4

Analytical method development and validation of trimethylazanium containing anti-leishmanial phospholipid drug miltefosine by liquid chromatography quadruple tandem mass … Published on2016/6/1 Cited by 4

Microwave Assisted Acrylamide Grafting on a Natural Gum Cassia Tora: Characterization and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of the Formulation Containing Metformin and Sitagliptin in …Published on 2022 Cited by 1

Anti-Hypertensive Activity of Some Selected Unani Formulations: An Evidence-Based Approach for Verification of Traditional Unani Claims Using LC-MS/MS for the Evaluation of … Published on 2022/8/8

Pallab Mandal | Jadavpur University.

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