Thinh Duy Do| Rural Planning | Best Researcher Award

Ms.Thinh Duy Do| Rural Planning | Best Researcher Award

Thinh Duy Do is a dedicated researcher and lecturer at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education, specializing in architectural design and urban planning. With a Ph.D. from Hokkaido University, his research focuses on enhancing urban street spaces amidst Vietnam’s rapid urbanization. Thinh’s academic background includes an MEng.L.Arch from Southeast University and a B.Arch from the University of Danang. He has contributed significantly to the fields of landscape architecture and sustainable urban development. As a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Chicago, he furthered his expertise in sociology and global studies, enriching his interdisciplinary approach to urban planning challenges.




2023 ⎯ Present: Researcher & Lecturer, Architecture Division, Civil Engineering Faculty, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education2021 ⎯ 2022: Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology and Global Studies Program, University of Chicago2010 ⎯ 2023: Researcher & Lecturer, Urban Planning Division, Architecture Faculty, Mien Tay Construction University


2021: Fulbright Scholar Program Award (USA) (Accepted)2018: Best Conference Paper Presentation, Asian Pacific Planning Society2016-2019: MEXT’s Scholarship for PhD program (Japan) (Accepted)2016-2020: Hungaricum Stipendium Scholarship for PhD program (Hungary) (Renounced)2015-2019: SEU’s Scholarship for PhD program (China) (Accepted)2015-2020: DAAD-MOET Scholarship for PhD program (Germany) (Renounced)2015: Southeast University’s Most Distinguished Thesis Award2012-2013: Nanjing Government Scholarship for Excellent Achievement (R.P.C) (Accepted)2013-2014: US Exchange Fellowship for Postgraduate Student (USA) (Accepted)2011-2015: Vietnamese Government Scholarship – Under Scheme 322 (Vietnam) (Accepted)


2019: Ph.D. in Architectural and Structural Design, Hokkaido University2015: MEng.L.Arch in Landscape Architecture, Southeast University2009: B.Arch., The University of Danang – Danang University of Technology


2010 – 2023: Lecturer, Mien Tay Construction University (Urban Design, Architectural Structure, Graduation Thesis Instruction, Urban Planning with Community Participation, Housing Management Strategic Planning)2020 – 2021: Visiting Lecturer, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education (Technical Drawing & Descriptive Geometry, Principles of Architectural Design, Architecture Design Studio Instruction, Urban Design/Planning Studio Instruction)2022 ⎯ Present: Visiting Lecturer, University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (Committee member – Graduate School), University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (Design Studio I & II, Structural Detail of Architecture & Design, Architectural Analysis), Ton Duc Thang University (Technical Drawing & Descriptive Geometry, Customization & Prototyping – Graduate School)


2012-2013: Designer and Researcher, Professor Cheng YuNing’s firm, Landscape Architecture Department, Southeast University, R.P. China2009-2010: Architect, VCC Engineering Consultants Joint-Stock Company – DaNang Branch, Danang, Vietnam2016-2019: Researcher, Professor Suguru Mori’s lab, Architecture Planning and Urban Design, School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan2019: VEBS Design & Planning Studio, Hochiminh, Vietnam


2019-2021: Resettlement Planning Theory (Japan), Main member2013-2014: Landscape Pattern in Vietnamese Urban Region (Southeast University – China), Main member2020-2021: Private Open Space: Relationship between Users and Coffeeshop Space (MTU- Vietnam), PI2021-2022: Understanding Urban and Psychological Ecosystem (Fulbright – USA), PI2021-2023: Relationship between Urban Space Environment and Staycation Perception: An Investigation of Urban Attractive Factors of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMUTE – Vietnam), Main Member2023: The Impacts of Urbanization to Tau Hu-Ben Nghe Canalscape (HCMUTE – Vietnam), Main Member2024: Research on Urban Residents’ Perceptions of Factors that Make Ho Chi Minh City Attractive (HCMUTE- Vietnam), PI


Vietnamese Delegate in HEP Research Project, Salford University, Manchester City – UK (2019) Keynote Speaker at 2nd Young International Scholar in Shanghai Transportation University, Shanghai City – China (2019)Keynote Speaker at Taichung National University, Taichung – Taiwan (2019)Keynote Speaker at Global Studies, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA (2022)Lecture Note at Cultural Diversity & Sustainable Development in Asia, Eurasia Foundation held at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (2024)


Contribution to Editorial Decisions (Peer-Reviewer): Various international and national scientific journals and conferences


Urban Landscape Architecture: Theories, Design and Planning Methods (Forthcoming)Community Relocation, Disasters and Climate Change in Asia-Pacific Region (2024)


City Planning Institute of JapanArchitectural Institute of JapanVietnam Association of ArchitectsVietnam Urban Planning and Development Association


Vietnamese: Native. English: Professional Working Proficiency. Chinese: Limited Working Proficiency

📝 Publications Top Notes 

 Relationship between land use and user’s behavior along the street: A case study of Da Nang City, Viet Nam

Authors: Do, D.T.

Journal: Frontiers of Architectural Research, 2024, 13(1), pp. 144–163

Sustainable development in Mekong Delta, Vietnam: designing resilient cities based on landscape ecological principles

Authors: Do, D.T., Nguyen, H.Q., Do, X.S.

Journal: Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 2024

 Urban staycation attraction factors: a case study of Ho Chi Minh city

Authors: Do, D.T., Do, X.S., Nguyen, T.T.T., Vo, D.T., Dinh, T.G.H.

Journal: Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 2024, 23(2), pp. 829–842

 From a Hard to Soft Approach for Flood Management in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: Integrating Ecological Engineering for Urban Sustainability in My Tho City

Authors: Long, N.V., Le, T.D.N., Nguyen, H., Do, D.T., Cheng, Y.

Journal: Water (Switzerland), 2022, 14(7), 1079

 Developed vs. undeveloped streets in Da Nang, Vietnam: which are more usable, and for whom?

Authors: Do, D.T., Mori, S.

Journal: Journal of Urbanism, 2022, 15(3), pp. 340–366

 Public park behavior relationship in Danang: an impact of physical environment on user’s behaviors

Authors: Do, D.T., Vo, T.V.P.

Journal: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 2020, 80, pp. 175–184

 Public park behaviour in Da Nang: An investigation into how open space is used

Authors: Do, D.T., Cheng, Y., Shojai, A., Chen, Y.

Journal: Frontiers of Architectural Research, 2019, 8(4), pp. 454–470


Sajjad Rahimi-Moghaddam | Crop modeling | Young Scientist Award

Assist Prof Dr. Sajjad Rahimi-Moghaddam | Crop modeling |Young Scientist Award

Assist Prof Dr. Lorestan University, Iran

👩‍🔬Dedicated Assistant Professor at Lorestan University, specializing in Production Engineering and Plant Genetics. Holds a Ph.D. in Agroecology, focusing on climate change effects on maize yield. Recognized for academic excellence, ranking first in master’s exams and fifth in the Ph.D. exam. Published in renowned journals, contributing to the understanding of agro-climatic impacts on crop yields. Skilled in research and modeling, with a track record of closing yield gaps in crops. Committed to advancing agricultural science and bridging the gap between agronomic and genetic factors for sustainable crop production. 🌟






🌾Current Position

Assistant Professor, Department of Production Engineering and Plant Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran.

🎓Educational Background

PhD: Agroecology, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran Thesis: Modeling the effects of climate change on maize (Zea mays L.) yield in Khuzestan province: Adaptation strategies Supervisors: Dr. Jafar Kambouzia and Dr. Reza Deihimfard. MSc: Agroecology, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran Thesis: Determination of genetic coefficients of some maize cultivars in Iran to be applied in crop simulation models Supervisors: Dr. Reza Deihimfard and Dr. Saeid Soufizadeh Advisors: Dr. Jafar Kambouzia and Dr. Farhad Nazariyan Firuzabadi BA: Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Lorestan University, Iran

🏆Academic Honors:

First Rank in the master exam trends of agroecology in 2011 among 6035 participants. First Rank in the master exam trends of agronomy in 2011 among 6035 participants. Twelfth Rank in the final round of the sixteenth Olympiad in agricultural engineering (Iran) and won a scholarship in 2011. Fifth Rank in the PhD exam trends of agroecology in 2013 among 800 participants.

Publications Top Notes 📝

  • Adaptation strategies to lessen negative impact of climate change on grain maize under hot climatic conditions: A model-based assessment
    • Authors: S Rahimi-Moghaddam, J Kambouzia, R Deihimfard
    • Journal: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
    • Year: 2018
    • Volume: 253
    • Pages: 1-14
    • Citations: 68


  • Risk assessment of frost damage to sugar beet simulated under cold and semi-arid environments
    • Authors: R Deihimfard, S Rahimi-Moghaddam, K Chenu
    • Journal: International Journal of Biometeorology
    • Year: 2019
    • Pages: 511-521
    • Citations: 28


  • Future climate change could reduce irrigated and rainfed wheat water footprint in arid environments
    • Authors: R Deihimfard, S Rahimi-Moghaddam, B Collins, K Azizi
    • Journal: Science of the Total Environment
    • Year: 2022
    • Volume: 807
    • Pages: 150991
    • Citations: 27


  • Towards withholding irrigation regimes and drought-resistant genotypes as strategies to increase canola production in drought-prone environments: A modeling approach
    • Authors: S Rahimi-Moghaddam, H Eyni-Nargeseh, SAK Ahmadi, K Azizi
    • Journal: Agricultural Water Management
    • Year: 2021
    • Volume: 243
    • Pages: 106487
    • Citations: 25


  • Analysis of growth functions that can increase irrigated wheat yield under climate change
    • Authors: H Eyni‐Nargeseh, R Deihimfard, S Rahimi‐Moghaddam, …
    • Journal: Meteorological Applications
    • Year: 2020
    • Volume: 27
    • Issue: 1
    • Pages: e1804
    • Citations: 20



Itishree Pattnaik | Agriculture, Gender, migration, food security, rural development

Itishree Pattnaik – Leading Researcher in Agriculture, Gender, migration, food security, rural development

👨‍🏫Assoc Prof Dr. Itishree Pattnaik an Dr at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore India and Research, Department of Immunology and Microbiology , stands as a distinguished Academician/Research Scholar in the domain of India. Holding a  Ph.D on CAgriculture, Gender, migration, food security, rural development. Their professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚


She completed her Ph.D. in Economics in 2009 from the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, with a thesis titled “Comparative Performance of Agricultural Sector in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa,” under the guidance of Prof. R. Vijay. Prior to her doctoral studies, she pursued M.Phil. in Economics from the same university in 2004, achieving a commendable 65%, with a thesis on “Trends in Investment in R&D in Indian Agriculture,” supervised by Prof. D. Narshima Reddy. Her academic journey began with a Master of Arts in Economics in 2002, where she secured first class with a 66% distinction from the University of Hyderabad. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics, also with first class honors and a 66% distinction, from Ramadevi Women’s Collage, Utkal University, Odisha, in 2000. Furthermore, her educational foundation includes Higher Secondary studies in Economics, Mathematics, Logic, and Psychology, where she achieved first class with a 66% distinction in 1997, followed by a Secondary School certification with first class honors and a 69% distinction in 1995 from the Council of Higher Secondary Education and the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, respectively.

🌐 Professional Profiles:

Academic Award: 

  • Honorable Mention, 2023 Bina Agarwal Prize for Young Scholars, International Society of Ecological Economics. Boston, USA.
  • Best Paper Award, at the 60th Labour Economics Conference, organised by Indian Society of Labour Economics, held at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development research, Mumbai, 19th December – 21st December. 2018.

Members in Committees:

  • Life Member, Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE), India, since 2018.
  • Member in Association of Academics for Social Justice (AASJ) (during 2023-24)
  • Member in Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI) (during 2018-19 and 2023-24)
  • Member in Indian Association of Women Studies (IAWS) (during 2019-20).
  • Members of the ‘Advisory committee – Networking and Advocacy’, Working Group for Women and Land Ownership (WGWLO), Ahmedabad (2018-2019).
  • Coordinator of GIDR-Working Paper Series (2019-2023)


  • Pattnaik Itishree and Kuntala Lihiri-Dutt (2023), Feminization of Hunger in Climate Change: Linking Rural Women’s Health and Wellbeing in India, Climate and Development, Taylor & Francis Group. Published online December 13th 2023
  • Itishree Pattnaik (2022), Women’s Labour Contribution and Decision Making Power: Evidence from Gujarat, Anvesak. December. 52(2):33-48. ISSN 0378-4568. UGC Care list I.
  • Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and Itishree Pattnaik (2022), Women-headed Households in Agriculture: Report from West Bengal, India, Ecology, Economy and Society–the INSEE Journal 5 (1): 223-229. ISSN No. 2581-6101. SCOPUS
  • Amita Shah, Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and Itishree Pattnaik (2022), Women’s Role in Agriculture and Food Security: Learnings from Gujarat and West Bengal. Ecology, Economy and Society–the INSEE Journal, 5 (1): 89-107. ISSN number:2581-6101. SCOPUS
  • Pattnaik Itishree and Kuntala Lihiri-Dutt (2022), Do Women Like to Farm? Evidence of Growing Burdens of Farming on Women in Rural India. The Journal of Peasant Studies, 49 (3): 629-651. DOI: 10.1080/03066150.2020.1867540. ISBN Number: 03066150, 17439361. SCOPUS
  • Pattnaik Itishree (2020), Agricultural Performance in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh: An Enquiry into the Patterns Processes and Impacts. Orissa Economic Journal, 52 (2) 57-83. Published on January 2021. ISSN No. 0976-5409. UGC Care list I.
  • Amita Shah and Itishree Pattnaik (2021), ‘Pattern and Dynamics of the Rural Non-farm Economy: A Case Study of Gujarat’. Journal of Social and Economic Development. June, 23(1), 48-70. ISBN No. 0973-886X. ABDC list
  • Pattnaik Itishree, and Kuntala Lihiri-Dutt (2020), ‘What Determines Women’s Agricultural Participation? A Comparative Study of Landholding Households in Rural India’ Journal of Rural Studies 76 (2020) 25–39. ISSN No. 0743-0167. SCOPUS
  • Pattnaik Itishree, Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, Stewart Lockie and Bill Prichard (2018), ‘The Feminization of Agriculture or the Feminization of Agrarian Distress? Tracking the Trajectory of Women in Agriculture in India’, Journal of Asia Pacific Economy, 23 (1), 138-155. ISBN No. 13547860, 14699648. SCOPUS
  • Pattnaik Itishree and Amita Shah (2015), ‘Trends and Decomposition of Agricultural Growth and Crop Output in Gujarat: Recent Evidence’, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 70 (2), 182-193. ISBN No. SCOPUS
  • Pattnaik Itishree (2015), ‘Structural Break and Phases in Agricultural Sector: An Analysis of Bihar and Odisha’, Journal of Regional Development and Planning, 3(2), 35-54. ISBN No. Peer Reviewed.