Ankur Kumar Sarma | Fluid dynamics | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Ankur Kumar Sarma | Fluid dynamics | Best Researcher Award

Ankur Kumar Sarma is a dedicated mathematics scholar pursuing a Ph.D. at Cotton University. He holds an MSc and BSc in Mathematics from the same institution, demonstrating exceptional academic performance. Ankur is currently a Guest Faculty at B. Borooah College, Guwahati. He has completed the NPTEL Online Certification Course on Matrix Analysis with a 90% score and has qualified GATE 2023 (AIR-1519) and NE-SLET 2023. Proficient in C and LaTeX, he also possesses strong skills in MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Ankur is multilingual, fluent in English, Hindi, and Assamese, and brings a blend of academic excellence and teaching experience.




🎓 Educational Qualification

Examination Year of Passing Board/University Percentage Stream Core (Subject)
HSLC 2015 CISCE 91.6%
HS 2017 MBOSE 86.8% Science
BSc 2020 Cotton University 88.3% Mathematics
MSc 2022 Cotton University 92.8% Mathematics
PhD 2023 Cotton University Pursuing

🧑‍🏫 Working Experience

  • Guest Faculty: B. Borooah College, Guwahati from 05/10/2023 to 30/12/2023

🏆 Extra Qualification

  1. Successfully completed NPTEL Online Certification Course on Matrix Analysis with Applications with a consolidated score of 90%.
  2. Qualified GATE 2023 (MA) with AIR-1519.
  3. Qualified NE-SLET 2023.

💻 Computer Skills

  • Programming Languages: C, Latex
  • Software Proficiency: MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint

Publications Top Notes 📝


  • Unsteady radiative MHD flow over a porous stretching plate
    • Type: Book Chapter
    • Book: Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
    • Publication Date: 2024
    • Pages: 96–109
    • Contributors: A.K. Sarma


  • MHD flow in free convection over an exponentially stretched sheet submerged in a double-stratified medium
    • Type: Journal Article
    • Journal: International Journal of Ambient Energy
    • Publication Date: 2024
    • Volume and Issue: 45(1)
    • Article Number: 2356060
    • Contributors: A.K. Sarma, D. Sarma


Amir Hussain Idrisi| Mechanical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr. Amir Hussain Idrisi | Mechanical Engineering |Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr at Michigan Technological University, United States

A seasoned researcher and educator in Mechanical Engineering, I hold a PhD from United Arab Emirates University, with extensive expertise in additive manufacturing, composite materials, and material characterization. Currently serving as an Assistant Teaching Professor at Michigan Technological University, I teach various mechanical engineering courses and supervise graduate and undergraduate research projects. My research has led to innovative solutions, such as systems for durability evaluation and wear performance assessment of materials. I am proficient in statistical analysis, programming, and manuscript writing, with numerous publications and conference presentations. Recognized with multiple awards, I aim to contribute to the growth of an esteemed organization while further developing my skills and knowledge.


  1. Orcid


  1. Scholar

🎯 Objective Career

To become a profitable asset of an organization of repute, where I will work for the growth of the organization and in turn develop my skills and personality, making the best use of my competencies, capabilities, and competitiveness.

🔑 Key Skills

Good interpersonal skills and an ability to work as part of a team. Knowledge of and ability to pay strict attention to the research protocol. Experience in handling Metal matrix and polymer matrix composite. Hands-on experience with various fabrication techniques such as Squeeze casting, Hand layup process, compression molding, Injection molding, Additive manufacturing (3D printing).Experience performing and analyzing various material characterization techniques such as tensile test, compression test, hardness measurement, Impact tests, SEM, DSC, TGA, FTIR, DMA. Design and carry out statistical analyses of data and develop graphical methods to display results for further in-depth review and analysis, utilizing programming languages and software such as Python, Minitab, LabVIEW, ANSYS, MATLAB. Supervising undergraduate and master students. Ability to write research manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Experience in writing proposals for research grants. Giving effective verbal presentations in seminars, meetings, and poster sessions. Effective teaching.

🎓 Professional Qualifications

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Jun 2021 United Arab Emirates University, UAE. Master of Technology in Computer Aided Design, Mar 2014
Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, May 2011 Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India. Diploma in Engineering in Automobile Engineering, May 2007 Government Polytechnic Bareilly, India

📚 Teaching and Research Experience

Assistant Teaching Professor
Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan (Aug 2022 – Present)
Spring 2024

  • MEEM2901 – Mechanical Engineering Practice – I
  • MEEM4695 – Additive Manufacturing
  • MEEM5695 – Additive Manufacturing

Fall 2023

  • MEEM2901 – Mechanical Engineering Practice – I
  • MEEM3400 – Mechanical System Design and Analysis
  • MEEM3901 – Mechanical Engineering Practice – III
  • MEEM5990 – Special Topics
  • MEEM6500 – Supervised Practicum

Summer 2023

  • MEEM2150 – Mechanics of Materials

Spring 2023

  • MEEM3901 – Mechanical Engineering Practice – III
  • MEEM4695 – Additive Manufacturing
  • MEEM5695 – Additive Manufacturing

Fall 2022

  • MEEM2901 – Mechanical Engineering Practice – I
  • MEEM3400 – Mechanical System Design and Analysis

Research Associate
United Arab Emirates University, UAE (May 2017 – May 2022)

  • Designed and manufactured an innovative hydraulic multi-sample loading frame for durability evaluation of composite materials subjected to sustained tensile load and harsh environments.
  • Designed and manufactured an innovative system for wear performance assessment of gears for industrial applications.
  • Designed and manufactured a system for durability evaluation of composite materials subjected to sustained twisting load and harsh environments.
  • Mechanical Performance Assessment of Internally-Defected Materials Manufactured Using Additive Manufacturing Technology.
  • Fabricated woven Kevlar nanocomposite reinforced with SiC, Al₂O₃, and MWCNT using hand layup process to analyze the damage resistance of the composite.
  • Fabricated recycled carbon fiber composite using injection and compression molding technique.
  • Assisted and led research tasks associated with other combustion projects.
  • Supervised two groups of graduate students in graduation projects and two master’s students in planning and performance of experimental work and results discussion.
  • Written proposals for research grants.
  • Involved in taking tutorials and grading undergraduate students.

Assistant Professor
SRMS College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly, India (Jun 2014 – Jan 2017)

SRMS College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly, India (Jul 2011 – May 2014)

Courses Taught:

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermal and Hydraulic Machines
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Quality Management

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Member of Proctorial Board.
  • Coordinator of Training Development and Placement Cell.
  • Faculty in-charge in National level cultural fest “ZEST” (2012-2015).
  • Faculty in-charge in National level sports meet “AAMOD” (2013-2014).

Engineer Trainee
TATA Motors Ltd., Lucknow, India (Jul 2007 – Aug 2008)

  • Study and analysis of Product Design modifications received from Engineering Research Center (ERC), Tata Motors, Pune and implement the same in the Production Line for existing models.
  • Coordinate with Production in solving vehicle assembly related problems.
  • Update, create, and delete part numbers in SAP system.
  • Follow up with ERC (Pune) for implementation of modification requests/suggestions generated at TATA Motors, Lucknow and discrepancies in design.
  • Analysis of Design improvements and their implementation in vehicles.

📑 Research Proposal

Bhisham Sharma (PI), Sriram Vijayan, Amir Hussain Idrisi, Parisa Abadi, Terri Frew, Enabling the Science and Art of Additively Manufactured Ceramics, Research Excellence Fund, Michigan Technological University, Total project cost: USD 88,423. (Granted). Amir Hussain Idrisi (PI), Influence of Environmental Conditions and Sustained Dynamic Bending Load on the Crude Oil Pipeline: Investigation and Modeling, American Chemical Society, Total project cost: USD 172,150 (Submitted)

🔬 Project Experience

Prediction of long-term effects of sustained loads and offshore environment on composite structure (2017-present). Development of Aluminium matrix composite using Al 6061 alloy reinforced with ceramic nano Al₂O₃ particulate (2015-2016). Development and investigation of Aluminium matrix composites reinforced by SiC particles and analysis using Ansys in connecting rod application (2011-2013)

📚 Supervision Experience

PhD Student: Dung Tran (August 2023- present). Master Student Thesis (Advised as Mentor): Recycling of Cured Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Resin Laminated Composites Scraps: Processing and characterization (2019-2022), The effect of different environments on the mechanical behavior of laminated composite (2018-2020). Undergraduate Student Projects: Design and development of an innovative system for wear performance assessment of gears for industrial applications (2018-2019). An innovative hydraulic multi-sample loading frame for durability evaluation of composite materials subjected to combined sustained load and harsh environments (2017-2018). Design, analysis, and installation of Solid waste power plant and use of generated power in space cooling/heating using absorption refrigeration system (2015-2016). Design and installation of pico-Hydro power system in water supply pipe for high rise building (2014-2015)

🏆 Honors and Awards

Travel grant for the 12th Annual International Workshop on Advanced Materials (IWAM-2019), Feb 23-25, 2020 organized by Ras Al Khamiah Center for Advanced Materials (RAK CAM). Chancellor Innovation Award (2019) for the project titled “Design and development of an innovative system for wear performance assessment of gears for industrial applications”. Young Achiever Award in International Business & Academic Excellence Awards 2019 (IBAE Awards 2019), 30 October 2019, organized by GISR foundation and American College of Dubai, UAE. Awarded for partially funded conference, HPAIR Asia Conference 2019, AUGUST 16 – 20, 2019, organized by Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations at Nur-sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan. First place in Graduate Student Research and Innovation Competition, 12th March 2019, under most innovative idea category at UAE University. Awarded for Fully funded postgraduate academic forum (AUAPAF 2018) organized by Asian Universities Alliance (AUA), 20-22 Oct 2018, at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Second place at the national level competition (2018) “Think Science competition and fair” in the category of “applied science and engineering”. Best paper award in SRMS International Conference of Science and Technology 2015 at Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly

🌍 International Publications

  1. Maryam Al Kuwaiti, Amir Hussain Idrisi, Asima Zahoor, Mostafa S.A. ElSayed, Abdel-Hamid Mourad, Impact of compaction process on the carbon epoxy composite under varied environmental conditions, Polymers (Under Review).
  2. Abdel-Hamid I. Mourad, Amir Hussain Idrisi, Beckry M. Abdel-Magid,

Publications Top Notes 📝

Conventional Stir Casting Versus Ultrasonic Assisted Stir Casting Process: Mechanical and Physical Characteristics of AMCs

  • Authors: AH Idrisi, AHI Mourad
  • Journal: Journal of Alloys and Compounds
  • Year: 2019
  • Volume: 805
  • Pages: 502-508
  • Citations: 139


Long-Term Durability of Thermoset Composites in Seawater Environment

  • Authors: AHI Mourad, AH Idrisi, MC Wrage, BM Abdel-Magid
  • Journal: Composites Part B: Engineering
  • Year: 2019
  • Volume: 168
  • Pages: 243-253
  • Citations: 74


Damage Assessment of Nanofiller-Reinforced Woven Kevlar KM2plus/Epoxy Resin Laminated Composites

  • Authors: AHI Mourad, AH Idrisi, N Zaaroura, MM Sherif, H Fouad
  • Journal: Polymer Testing
  • Year: 2020
  • Volume: 86
  • Article Number: 106501
  • Citations: 35


Mechanical Performance Assessment of Internally-Defected Materials Manufactured Using Additive Manufacturing Technology

  • Authors: AH Ismail Mourad, AH Idrisi, JV Christy, DT Thekkuden, H Al Jassmi, …
  • Journal: Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing
  • Year: 2019
  • Volume: 3
  • Issue: 3
  • Article Number: 74
  • Citations: 31


Wear Behavior of AA 5083/SiC Nano-Particle Metal Matrix Composite: Statistical Analysis

  • Authors: AH Idrisi, AHI Mourad, DT Thekkuden, JV Christy
  • Journal: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
  • Year: 2018
  • Volume: 324
  • Issue: 1
  • Article Number: 012087
  • Citations: 31


Development and Testing of Al5083 Alloy Reinforced by SiC Particles

  • Authors: AH Idrisi, VD Singh, V Saxena
  • Journal: International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering & Technology
  • Year: 2014
  • Volume: 2
  • Issue: 11
  • Pages: 697-704
  • Citations: 31


Investigation on the Durability of E-Glass/Epoxy Composite Exposed to Seawater at Elevated Temperature

  • Authors: AH Idrisi, AHI Mourad, BM Abdel-Magid, B Shivamurty
  • Journal: Polymers
  • Year: 2021
  • Volume: 13
  • Issue: 13
  • Article Number: 2182
  • Citations: 28


Wear Performance Analysis of Aluminum Matrix Composites and Optimization of Process Parameters Using Statistical Techniques

  • Authors: AH Idrisi, AHI Mourad
  • Journal: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
  • Year: 2019
  • Volume: 50
  • Pages: 5395-5409
  • Citations: 28


Sathiyaraj Srinivasan | Biodiversity Conservation | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Sathiyaraj Srinivasan ‌ |Biodiversity Conservation| Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr at Seoul Women’s University, South Korea

Experienced Chemical Engineering professional with a strong academic foundation and diverse research background, specializing in cutting-edge chemical processes and materials. Educated in the United Kingdom, I have developed a robust understanding of chemical engineering principles, complemented by hands-on experience in both academic and industrial settings. My expertise includes process optimization, materials science, and sustainable engineering solutions. As a proactive and innovative thinker, I am committed to advancing chemical engineering through research and development, fostering collaborative projects, and contributing to the advancement of sustainable and efficient chemical processes.





💼Employment History

Associate Professor Seoul Women’s University, Seoul March 1, 2018 – Present Department of Bioenvironmental Engineering and Bioinformatics Assistant Professor Seoul Women’s University, Seoul March 1, 2013 – February 28, 2018. Post-Doctorate Kyonggi University, Suwon, South Korea March 1, 2011 – February 28, 2013 Department of Bioenvironmental Engineering. Post-Doctorate Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea March 1, 2020 – October 29, 2011


  • Creative Mindset
  • Classroom Management
  • Collaboration with Other Scientists


Doctor of Philosophy Kyung Hee University, Suwon, South Korea Department of Oriental Medicinal Materials and Processing September 2006 to February 2010.

🔬Research Experience

Research Projects:

2020-2023: Monitoring of soil bacterial community change after exposure to plasma (Researcher). 2019-2023: Unexplored biological classification for graduate student project (co-PI). 2018-2020: Comparative transcriptomics of radiation-resistant bacteria Spirosoma montaniterre (Researcher). 2015-2020: Acquisition and characterization of Extremophiles (Researcher). 2017-2019: New hybrid NGS method to study the whole metagenome of soil exposed to gamma-ray (PI). 2016-2017: Acquisition and characterization of indigenous microbial resources in coastal sediment soil (Researcher). 2012-2013: Development of technology for early stabilization of burial sites for livestock killing (Researcher). 2012-2013: Development of complex treatment and purification technology for distributed DNAPL contaminated areas (Researcher). 2010-2012: Development of water-permeable reactive wall technology using nano-sized adsorbent for oil pollution purification (Researcher)

Publications Top Notes 📝

  1. Title: Acclimation of hydrogen peroxide enhances salt tolerance by activating defense-related proteins in Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer
    • Authors: G Sathiyaraj, S Srinivasan, YJ Kim, OR Lee, S Parvin, SRD Balusamy, …
    • Year: 2014


  1. Title: Deinococcus daejeonensis sp. nov., isolated from sludge in a sewage disposal plant
    • Authors: S Srinivasan, MK Kim, S Lim, M Joe, M Lee
    • Year: 2012


  1. Title: Deinococcus humi sp. nov., isolated from soil
    • Authors: S Srinivasan, JJ Lee, S Lim, M Joe, MK Kim
    • Year: 2012


  1. Title: Lysobacter soli sp. nov., isolated from soil of a ginseng field
    • Authors: S Srinivasan, MK Kim, G Sathiyaraj, HB Kim, YJ Kim, DC Yang
    • Year: 2010


  1. Title: Complete genome sequence of Deinococcus swuensis, a bacterium resistant to radiation toxicity
    • Authors: MK Kim, S Srinivasan, CG Back, ES Joo, SY Lee, HY Jung
    • Year: 2015


  1. Title: Polygalacturonase inhibiting protein: isolation, developmental regulation and pathogen related expression in Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer
    • Authors: G Sathiyaraj, S Srinivasan, S Subramanium, YJ Kim, YJ Kim, WS Kwon, …
    • Year: 2010


  1. Title: Stenotrophomonas ginsengisoli sp. nov., isolated from a ginseng field
    • Authors: HB Kim, S Srinivasan, G Sathiyaraj, LH Quan, SH Kim, TPN Bui, Z Liang, …
    • Year: 2010


  1. Title: Hymenobacter swuensis sp. nov., a Gamma-Radiation-Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Mountain Soil
    • Authors: JJ Lee, S Srinivasan, S Lim, M Joe, SH Lee, SA Kwon, YJ Kwon, J Lee, …
    • Year: 2014


  1. Title: Metagenomic analysis of airborne bacterial community and diversity in Seoul, Korea, during December 2014, Asian dust event
    • Authors: S Cha, S Srinivasan, JH Jang, D Lee, S Lim, KS Kim, W Jheong, DW Lee, …
    • Year: 2017


  1. Title: Spirosoma radiotolerans sp. nov., a Gamma-Radiation-Resistant Bacterium Isolated from Gamma Ray-Irradiated Soil
    • Authors: JJ Lee, S Srinivasan, S Lim, M Joe, S Im, SI Bae, KR Park, JH Han, …
    • Year: 2014


Pola Oppenheimer | Chemical Engineering | FutureLeaders Research Achievement Award

Prof. Pola Oppenheimer ‌ |Chemical Engineering|  FutureLeaders Research Achievement Award

Prof at Chemical Engineering, United Kingdom

I am a dedicated Chemical Engineering professional with a robust educational foundation from the United Kingdom. My expertise spans various aspects of chemical engineering, including process design, optimization, and safety. I have a strong track record of contributing to innovative projects and research initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to advancing the field. My practical experience is complemented by excellent problem-solving skills and a keen eye for detail, allowing me to effectively address complex engineering challenges. I am passionate about leveraging my knowledge and skills to drive sustainable and efficient engineering solutions.



🎓 Education Background

Sept. 2015 – Sep. 2018: Ph.D., Cheeloo College of Medicine, Shandong University, Sept. 2013 – Sep. 2015: Master, Cheeloo College of Medicine, Shandong University, Sept. 2008 – Jun. 2013: Bachelor of Medicine, Jining Medical College, Sept. 2005 – Jun. 2008: Qingdao No.2 Middle School

🎓 Education Background

2008-2012: PhD in Physics, University of Cambridge with Springer Award for Recognition of Scientific Excellence, Cavendish Laboratories, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK. 2006-2008: MPhil in Nanotechnology and Engineering, Ben-Gurion University (1st Class Honours). 2002-2006: BSc in Chemistry, Ben-Gurion University (1st Class Honours). 2002-2006: BSc in Chemical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, Israel (1st Class Honours). 2016: Medici Enterprise Training Programme, Enterprise Acceleration and Translation, UK. 2015: Masters in Learning and Teaching, Higher Education Academy, UK. 2013: Masters in Leadership and Management, Level 3, Institute of Leadership, Cambridge

💼 Career to Date

2021-Curre0 Comments in moderationnt: Professor in Microengineering and Bionanotechnology, School of Chemical Engineering. 2018-2021: Reader in Microengineering and Bionanotechnology, School of Chemical Engineering and Healthcare Technologies Institute, University of Birmingham, UK. 2016-2021: Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, London, UK. 2013-2018: Birmingham Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK. 2012-2013: Research Fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering, Centre of Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE), University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. 2022-Current: Director of Engineering and Physical Science College Graduate School, University of Birmingham, UK

🏅 Honors, Awards, and Evidence of Esteem

2023: Achievement Medal in Biomedical Engineering Finalist, Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK. 2022: British Biophysical Society Louise Johnson Award and Medal, UK. 2022: Cover Story on the World’s Leaders Magazine in the yearly special edition of the ‘Most Influential Women in Tech’ around the world. 2021: Royal Society of Chemistry Beilby Medal and Prize, Materials Chemistry Division, RSC, UK. 2020: Case Study Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK. 2020: News Releases: ‘New Device for Detecting Traumatic Brain Injury ‘On the Spot’. 2020: TechWomen100 National Award for senior influential women across UK in Technology and Industry. 2020: ISSF for EPSRC Case Study, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK. 2019: Honoured in the ‘Birmingham Heroes’ in Healthcare Technologies Campaign, UK. 2019: International Women in Engineering Honour – ‘Transforming the Future of Science and Engineering’, UK. 2018: All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group – House of Lords, London. Invited as envoy at the discussion, hosted by Professor the Lord Broers, regarding the Government’s Year of Engineering campaign to discuss ways we are tackling the engineering skills gap and to help widen the pool of young people who join the profession. Stephen Metcalfe MP, Government Ambassador for the Year of Engineering, discussed why the sector is of such vital importance. 2017: ‘Voice of the Future’, House of Commons Science & Technology Award, Parliament, London, Representing the Royal Academy of Engineering at session of the government Ministers of State for Research and Innovation, pitching questions to the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, J. Johnson, MP. 2016: BBC1 News Release: ‘A breakthrough blood test for brain injuries’ & BBC 95.6FM Radio Interview. 2016: Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship for outstanding early-career researchers. 2015: Leading Female Scientists in Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK. News release on research work: ‘’Nanotechnology and Developing Novel Nano-Detection Devices’’. 2014: National Public Engagement Award: ‘Soapbox Science’, L’OREAL-UNESCO, London. A hub of scientific discussion displaying science to the public, aimed to help eliminate gender inequality in science.. 2013: Prestigious Birmingham Fellowship, University of Birmingham, UK. 2013: Award in Leadership and Management, University of Cambridge. Awarded by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge as a recognition of excellent leadership and management skills. 2013: Springer Award for Excellence Switzerland. Recognising outstanding scientific excellence. 2012: University of Cambridge Annual Reports Cover. The high-impact research was chosen to illustrate the cover titled ‘‘We All Fall Over Sometimes’’ of the University of Cambridge Annual Reports. 2011: Carl-Zeiss Imaging Award. Highlighted in the Der Spiegel and Mail Online for quirky images, which provide a visual insight into the ways in which science makes a vital contribution to our lives, interviewed on the Research News and media exposure on many websites as well as Cambridge News daily newspapers. 2011: Kodak Ltd. Young Materials Scientist Award, UK. 2009: Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholarship, University of Cambridge, UK. 2008: Graduation Award in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Israel Science Foundation. 2007: Chemical Engineering Excellence Award, Teva Industries Ltd.. 2005: Dr. Adiel Litan Undergraduate Scholarship and Prize in Chemistry. 2004: Makhtesh

💼 Research/Work Experience

July 2022 – Present: Attending Doctor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. Nov. 2018 – June 2021: Resident, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. June 2016 – June 2017: Visiting Scholar, Griffith University, Australia

🏆 Scholarships and Awards

2023: Young Teachers English Teaching Competition, Second Prize, Cheeloo College of Medicine, Shandong University 2021: The First “Guangzhi Cup” English Teaching Competition in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Third Prize July 2013: Excellent Graduate of Shandong Province Oct. 2009: National Scholarship

Publications Top Notes 📝

  1. Xuji Jiang, Chuanli Feng, Wanying Sun, Teng Zhang*, Baoxia Cui. “The top 100 most cited articles on fertility-sparing treatments for cervical cancer: A bibliometric analysis.” Heliyon, 10(11), 2024.


  1. Zhonghao Mao, Bingyu Wang, Teng Zhang, Baoxia Cui*. “The roles of m6A methylation in cervical cancer: functions, molecular mechanisms, and clinical applications.” Cell Death and Disease, 2023, 14(734).


  1. Teng Zhang, Jun Jiao, Xinlin Jiao, Lu Zhao, Xinli Tian, Qing Zhang, Daoxin Ma, Baoxia Cui*. “Aberrant frequency of TNFR2+ Treg and related cytokines in patients with CIN and cervical cancer.” Oncotarget, 2017, 9(4).


  1. Bingyu Wang, Zhonghao Mao, Jinwen Ye, Xinlin Jiao, Teng Zhang, Qi Wang, Sai Han, Youzhong Zhang, Chunling Wang, Taotao Dong, Baoxia Cui. “Glycolysis Induced by METTL14 Is Essential for Macrophage Phagocytosis and Phenotype in Cervical Cancer.” The Journal of Immunology, 2024, 15(212).


  1. Zhang W, Tian X, Mumtahana F, Jiao J, Zhang T, Croce K.D., Cui B*. “The existence of Th22, pure Th17 and Th1 cells in CIN and Cervical Cancer along with their frequency variation in different stages of cervical cancer.” BMC Cancer, 2015, 15,717.


  1. Jun Jiao, Teng Zhang, Xinlin Jiao, Tingting Huang, Lu Zhao, Daoxin Ma, Baoxia Cui*. “hsa_circ_0000745 promotes cervical cancer by increasing cell proliferation, migration, and invasion.” J Cell Physiol, 2019, 1-9.


  1. Xinlin Jiao, Siying Zhang, Jun Jiao, Teng Zhang, Wenjie Qu, Guy Mutangala Muloye, Beihua Kong, Qing Zhang, Baoxia Cui*. “Promoter methylation of SEPT9 as a potential biomarker for early detection of cervical cancer and its overexpression predicts radioresistance.” Clin Epigenetics, 2019, 11(120).



Wenbo Han | Marine engineering | Young Scientist Award

 Dr. Wenbo Han |Marine engineering| Young Scientist Award

 Dr. Dalian Maritime University,  China

👩‍🔬 Wenbo Han is a dedicated researcher currently pursuing a doctoral degree in marine engineering at Dalian Maritime University, China. With a master’s degree in engineering from Liaoning University of Technology and a PhD in fluid mechanics from Peking University, Han’s research interests span marine engineering and micro-electromechanical systems technology. He has published 20 SCI papers, including one highly cited paper, and serves as a special reviewer for prestigious journals. Han has received awards for his academic achievements and actively contributes to research, development, and innovation initiatives, driving advancements in his field.






Education, Experience, and Academic Achievements 🎓

Wenbo Han is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in marine engineering at Dalian Maritime University, China, building upon a solid academic foundation. He attained his master’s degree in engineering from Liaoning University of Technology in 2020. Subsequently, from September 2020 to August 2022, he embarked on a PhD journey in fluid mechanics at Peking University.

Research Interests and Achievements 🌟

Han’s primary research interests lie in marine engineering and micro-electromechanical systems technology. His academic accomplishments are noteworthy, encompassing diverse areas such as electrodynamic nano-ion enrichment design theory, microfluidic droplet passive generation, micromixer optimization, and research on lubricating oil pollutant detection sensors.

Publication Record and Impact 📚

Han has made significant contributions to scholarly literature, with a total of 20 SCI papers to his credit, including 14 as the first author. His work has garnered attention, evidenced by one paper selected as an ESI highly cited paper. His Google Scholar profile reflects substantial influence, with over 410 citations and an H-index of 12.

Reviewer and Award Recognition 🏅

Han actively engages in academic peer review, serving as a special reviewer for esteemed SCI journals like Applied Thermal Engineering, Physics of Fluids, and Nanotechnology. His dedication and excellence have been acknowledged through various awards, including Outstanding Graduate and Outstanding Master’s Thesis accolades in Liaoning Province, the Peking University Social Work Award, and the First Prize of Liaoning Province Natural Science Academic Achievements.


Contributions to Research & Development, Innovations, and Extension Activities 🚀

In Research & Development (R&D), I have been instrumental in leading and contributing to several pivotal projects. With a commitment to continuous learning, I have acquired expertise in cutting-edge R&D technologies, swiftly translating theoretical knowledge into tangible outcomes. Collaborating closely with team members, I facilitate problem-solving and drive project advancement. Moreover, I prioritize market demand and user feedback to ensure our R&D efforts align with market needs, delivering enhanced user experiences.

Innovation has been a cornerstone of my approach, characterized by foresight and creativity. By staying attuned to industry trends and emerging technologies, I foster an environment conducive to innovative thinking. Encouraging team members to explore novel solutions, I provide guidance and support, leading to the successful launch of groundbreaking products and services that enhance our company’s economic viability and market competitiveness.

Engaging in extension activities, I actively engage in strategic marketing initiatives, leveraging insights into target user groups and market dynamics to develop tailored promotion strategies. By fostering collaboration with partners and leveraging diverse online and offline channels, I have effectively expanded product visibility and market reach, attracting a broader audience and driving business growth. Through these efforts, I contribute to the sustained success and growth of our organization.

Publications Top Notes 📝

  • Nano-electrokinetic ion enrichment in a micro-nanofluidic preconcentrator with nanochannel’s Cantor fractal wall structure
    • Authors: W Han, X Chen
    • Journal: Applied Nanoscience
    • Year: 2020
    • Volume: 10
    • Issue: 1
    • Pages: 95-105


  • Three-dimensional numerical simulation of droplet formation in a microfluidic flow-focusing device
    • Authors: W Han, X Chen, Z Wu, Y Zheng
    • Journal: Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
    • Year: 2019
    • Volume: 41
    • Issue: (Unknown)
    • Pages: (Unknown)


  • Numerical simulation of the droplet formation in a T-junction microchannel by a level-set method
    • Authors: W Han, X Chen
    • Journal: Australian Journal of Chemistry
    • Year: 2018
    • Volume: 71
    • Issue: 12
    • Pages: 957-964


  • Effect of geometry configuration on the merged droplet formation in a double T-junction
    • Authors: W Han, X Chen
    • Journal: Microgravity Science and Technology
    • Year: 2019
    • Volume: 31
    • Issue: 6
    • Pages: 855-864


  • Nano-electrokinetic ion enrichment of highly viscous fluids in micro-nanochannel
    • Authors: W Han, X Chen
    • Journal: Chemical Engineering and Processing-Process Intensification
    • Year: 2019
    • Volume: 143
    • Pages: 107626


  • A Critical Review of On-Line Oil Wear Debris Particle Detection Sensors
    • Authors: W Han, X Mu, Y Liu, X Wang, W Li, C Bai, H Zhang
    • Journal: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 11
    • Issue: 12
    • Pages: 2363


  • Experimental research on solid fuel pre-combustion rotating detonation engine
    • Authors: W Wu, Y Wang, W Han, G Wang, M Zhang, J Wang
    • Journal: Acta Astronautica
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 205
    • Pages: 258-266


  • Experimental evaluation of aluminum powder fuel in a hydrogen/oxygen detonation tube
    • Authors: W Wu, Y Wang, K Wu, Z Ma, W Han, J Wang, G Wang, M Zhang
    • Journal: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 48
    • Issue: 62
    • Pages: 24089-24100