Zeinab Bolboli | Plant Pathology | Best Researcher Award

 Dr. Zeinab Bolboli | Plant Pathology | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Shiraz University Iran


Zeinab Bolboli is a distinguished researcher specializing in Plant Pathology, with a Ph.D. from Shiraz University. Their expertise encompasses mycology, plant virology, and advanced research methods. Zeinab’s innovative work includes identifying causal agents of plant diseases and evaluating crop susceptibility, earning recognition as the top Ph.D. student and for their dissertation. They’ve demonstrated excellence in teaching and have conducted various workshops, showcasing proficiency in bioinformatics and scientific photography. With a comprehensive skill set in microscopy, bioinformatics, and molecular characterization, Zeinab is poised to continue making significant contributions to the field of plant pathology.🌟








Education and Academic Achievements 🎓

📚 Postdoctoral Researcher: Shiraz University, INSF (4016120)

  • PhD: Plant Pathology (Mycology), Department of Plant Protection, Shiraz University, Iran (2016-Present)
    • Dissertation: Identification of the Causal Agent of Fig Canker and Evaluation of Susceptibility of Iranian Fig Cultivars to the Disease.
    • Main courses: Advanced Mycology II, Advanced Applied Mycology, Genetics of Plant Pathogens, and more.
  • MSc: Plant Pathology (Mycology), Department of Plant Protection, Shiraz University, Iran (2013-2016)
    • Thesis: Phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic characteristics of Pythium spp. isolates in cereal fields of Fars Province.
    • Main courses: Advanced Mycology I, Plant Virology, Plant Disease Management, and more.
  • BSc: Plant Protection, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran (2007-2011)
    • Main courses: General and Advanced Plant Pathology, Mycology, Nematology, and more.
  • Diploma: Science, Alzahra High School, Kermanshah, Iran (2003-2006)

Teaching and Awards 🏆

Received Top Student awards for both PhD and BSc.Recognized for having the top PhD dissertation at Shiraz University in 2023.Served as a Teaching Assistant for various courses including Advanced Mycology and General Plant Pathology.Supervised graduate theses and conducted workshops on scientific topics.

Workshops Attended and Skills 💼

Participated in workshops on RNA-Seq data analysis, Real-time PCR, Primer Designing, and more.Held workshops on Scientific Digital Photography and Diagnosis of Plant Disease.Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Bioinformatics tools, and scientific photography.

Publications Top Notes 📝

  1. Title: Development of PCR-based assays for the detection of the evident and latent infection with Stilbocrea banihashemiana, the causal agent of fruit tree cankers
    • Journal: Crop Protection
    • Year: 2024
    • DOI: 10.1016/j.cropro.2024.106677
    • Contributors: Hamed Negahban; Zeinab Bolboli; Reza Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa


  1. Title: First report of Peroneutypa scoparia associated with canker disease on Ficus carica in northern Iran
    • Journal: New Disease Reports
    • Year: 2023
    • DOI: 10.1002/ndr2.12201
    • Contributors: M. Ghaedi; Z. Bolboli; Reza Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa


  1. Title: Susceptibility of fig cultivars to Diaporthe canker in Iran
    • Journal: Plant Pathology
    • Year: 2023
    • DOI: 10.1111/ppa.13687
    • Contributors: Zeinab Bolboli; Reza Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa; Moslem Jafari; Ali Sarkhosh


  1. Title: Neocosmospora caricae sp. nov. and N. metavorans, two new stem and trunk canker pathogens on Ficus carica in Iran
    • Journal: Mycological Progress
    • Year: 2022
    • DOI: 10.1007/s11557-022-01834-9
    • Contributors: Zeinab Bolboli; Reza Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa; Marcelo Sandoval-Denis; Moslem Jafari; Pedro W. Crous


  1. Title: Stilbocrea banihashemiana sp. nov. a New Fungal Pathogen Causing Stem Cankers and Twig Dieback of Fruit Trees
    • Journal: Journal of Fungi
    • Year: 2022
    • DOI: 10.3390/jof8070694
    • Contributors: Zeinab Bolboli; Behnaz Tavakolian; Reza Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa; Moslem Jafari; Santa Olga Cacciola


Zahrabeigom Moradi Shakoorian | Agriculture sustainability | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Zahrabeigom Moradi Shakoorian | Agriculture sustainability | Best Researcher Award

👨‍🏫Profile Summary

An innovative and forward-thinking expert with a passion for sustainable food production. Offering over 7 years of specialized experience in indoor farms and vertical farming systems. Proficient in leveraging cutting-edge technology and automation to optimize crop yield, conserve resources, and reduce environmental impact. Skilled in plant physiology, hydroponics, aeroponics, and controlled environment agriculture techniques. Demonstrated strong project management abilities, evidenced by successful execution of vertical farming projects from conception to completion. Additionally, possess a history of presenting scientific articles in reputable journals. Seeking opportunities to apply expertise and spearhead advancements in vertical farming for a greener and more efficient future of agriculture. 🌿🌍

🌐 Professional Profiles

🌱Work History:

Scientist, Aerofarms, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (03/2023 – 09/2023) Conducted research to improve the characteristics of specialty crops in controlled environment agriculture. Experimented with plant responses to environmental stress to enhance quality and yield. Collaborated with team members and departments to stay updated on research developments. Presented research findings internally and to partners. Grower, FKP Group, Tehran, Iran (01/2015 – 02/2023) Managed technical procedures and controlled environmental factors to optimize crop growth. Conducted physiological research and implemented horticultural methods to improve crop characteristics. Directed research and development projects focusing on crop enhancement techniques. Advisor, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran (01/2022 – 01/2023) Advised master’s thesis on investigating the morphological response of ornamental plants to drought stress. Research Scholarship, Georgia University, Georgia State, USA (09/2017 – 01/2018) Investigated onion seed priming techniques and enzymatic changes during seed priming. Explored modeling of seed germination and the effects of abiotic stress on germination. Deputy Botanic Products Improvement, Agriculture Organization of Tehran, Baharestan, Iran (01/2007 – 12/2014) Managed horticulture department and led projects related to greenhouses and mushrooms. Effectively managed projects from planning to implementation, ensuring successful outcomes. Established collaborative networks with academia and research institutions.


Achievements: 🏆

Identified methodologies for seed priming and evaluated their impact on onion seed quality. Disseminated research findings in authentic journals. Managed critical projects and established academic collaborations resulting in meaningful research outcomes.


  • Project management
  • Experimental design
  • Analytical thinking
  • Research and analysis (SAS, SPSS, Sigma plot)
  • Techniques for working with HPLC, Spectrophotometer, Plate reader
  • Microsoft Office proficiency
  • GPS mapping expertise


Doctor’s Degree: Postharvest Physiology and Technology of Horticultural Crops, University of Tehran Master’s Degree: Horticulture, University of Bu Ali Sina, Bachelor’s Degree: Horticulture, University of Bu Ali Sina


📚Top Noted Publication

  1. Moradi Shakoorian, Z., Delshad, M., Diaz-Perez, JC., Askari-Sarcheshmeh, M.-A., Nambeesan, S., Mamedi, A. (2023). Onion (Allium cepa L.) seed germination affected by temperature and water potential: hydrothermal time model. Journal of Applied Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, 35, 100495. DOI: 10.1016/j.jarmap.2023.100495


  1. García-Gaytán, V., Bojórquez-Quintal, E., Hernández-Mendoza, F., Tiwari, D.K., Corona-Morales, N., Moradi Shakoorian, Z. (2019). Polymerized silicon (SiO2· nH2O) in equisetum arvense: potential nanoparticle in crops. Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society, 64(1), 4298-4302. DOI: 10.4067/s0717-97072019000104298


  1. Sarcheshmeh, A., Moradi Shakoorian, Z., Delshad, M., Tavakkol, A.R. (2018). Determination of the cardinal temperatures and studying the effect of temperature on the efficiency of priming on onion seed (Allium cepa cv, Zargan). Iranian Journal of Seed Science and Technology, 8(1), 265-277.