Raja Timilsina | Sustainability | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Raja Timilsina | Sustainability | Best Researcher Award

PHD at the Asian Development Bank Institute, Japan

Raja Rajendra Timilsina, Ph.D., an Economist at the Asian Development Bank Institute, specializes in development economics, behavioral economics, and mechanism design. With a Ph.D. from Kochi University of Technology, he focuses on sustainability, agriculture, and economic behaviors. Timilsina has contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications and research projects, showcasing his expertise in education, health, and cultural sustainability. Fluent in Japanese and English, he holds multiple awards and scholarships, including the ADB-JSP Scholarship for Masters. With extensive teaching experience and professional activities, he continues to influence policy and research in economic development and sustainability.

🔬 Experience

Economist-consultant, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), July 2023-Current Assistant Professor (Project based), Kochi University of Technology, April 2021-March 2022 Research Associate, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), April 2022-June 2023 Research Associate, Research Institute for Future Design, April 2018-March 2021 Plus various roles prior


Ph.D. in Economics, Kochi University of Technology, 2015-2018 Research Interest: Development economics, Experiment and Behavioral economics, Mechanism design Dissertation Title: Social design and sustainability of environmental resources: Learning from field experiments Masters in International Development Program (Economics), International University of Japan, 2009-2011 Bachelors of Business Administration (Finance), Tribhuvan University, 2003-2007

Awards and Scholarships

Multiple awards and scholarships including the ADB-JSP Scholarship for Masters

Research Interests

Education, Health, and Nutrition Agriculture, Climate Change, and Livelihood Economic Behaviors and Preferences Cultural Change and Intergenerational Sustainability Experimental and Development Economics

Publications Top Notes 📝


Mohamed ERRAMI Univers | Corrosion | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Mohamed ERRAMI Univers | Corrosion | Best Researcher Award

👨‍🏫Profile Summary

With 49 publications and an impressive citation record, Alina Urnikytė, PhD, is a respected authority in the field. Her work, cited over 545 times on SCOPUS and 226 times on Google Scholar, attests to her influence. Notable publications include contributions to esteemed journals like International Journal of Electrochemical Science, Corrosion Science, Atmospheric Environment, Materials Letters, and Progress in Organic Coatings. Through her research, she has made significant contributions to various areas, showcasing her expertise in electrochemistry, corrosion science, environmental studies, materials science, and organic coatings.

🌐 Professional Profiles

Professional Experience 💼

Formateur chez Centaure Innovation, Universiapolis (March 2016 – Present):

  • Conducted training sessions on topics including climate change and arganiculture as part of the Vulnerable Areas Arganiculture Development Project (DARED).
  • Provided training on Fair Trade and Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR).
  • Delivered sessions on quality management, traceability, and production within a fair trade context.
  • Conducted training on Quality Management and Lean Manufacturing for International Nursery.
  • Provided training on Good Hygiene Practices for International Nursery.
  • Conducted ongoing training on sampling plans for ANAPEC.

Enseignant Chercheur à l’Ecole Polytechnique, Université International d’Agadir (March 2015 – Present):

  • Taught courses in Agri-food and Preparatory Cycle.
  • Served as Coordinator of the Agri-food Industrial Engineering program.

Additional Experience:

  • Conducted Directed Work in Physical Chemistry of Electrolytes and Electrochemistry at the Department of Chemistry, FSA Agadir (2014).
  • Provided training for participants in the General Housing Census (2014).
  • Served as Adjunct Instructor at Ecole Polytechnique, teaching courses in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Food Technology, and Analytical Techniques (2014).
  • Conducted Directed Work in Thermochemistry and Physical Chemistry of Electrolytes and Electrochemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University Ibn Zohr, Agadir (2013-2014).
  • Taught General Chemistry for the first year of the Preparatory Class at Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquées d’Agadir (2013-2014).
  • Conducted practical work on industrial water treatment using electrocoagulation technique for the 5th year of the Process Engineering program at ENSA Agadir (2013-2014).

📚Top Noted Publication

  1. Title: Green Ostrich fat waste extracts as a novel potential inhibitor to sustainable corrosion of steel in acidic environments: Electrochemical and DFT evaluation
    • Authors: Errami, M., EL-Asri, A., Fdil, S., …, Hadfi, A., Ait Akbour, R.
    • Journal: Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
    • Year: 2024
    • Volume: 689
    • Pages: 133684


  1. Title: Toxicity Profile, Phytochemical Composition, and Anti-scaling Properties of the Aqueous Extract of Ocimum basilicum L. Leaves as Novel Green and Cost-Effective Inhibitor: Experimental, MC/SAA and DFT Approach
    • Authors: Housse, M.E., Hadfi, A., Karmal, I., …, Iberache, N., Driouiche, A.
    • Journal: Waste and Biomass Valorization
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 14
    • Issue: 11
    • Pages: 3553–3573
  1. Title: Study of scaling problem in the region of tata (Morocco): Analysis of the elemental composition, crystalline phases, and morphologies of scale deposition in water installations
    • Authors: El Housse, M., Hadfi, A., Karmal, I., …, Tounsi, A., Driouiche, A.
    • Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
    • Year: 2022
    • Volume: 188
    • Pages: 110388
    • Citations: 4


  1. Title: Valorization of Crocus Sativus L waste extracts as efficient, eco-friendly and economical inhibitors of scaling: Experimental and computational investigations
    • Authors: El Housse, M., Hadfi, A., Karmal, I., …, Mohareb, S., Driouiche, A.
    • Journal: Journal of Molecular Liquids
    • Year: 2021
    • Volume: 344
    • Pages: 117718
    • Citations: 12


  1. Title: Experimental investigation and molecular dynamic simulation of Tannic acid as an eco-friendly inhibitor for calcium carbonate scale
    • Authors: El Housse, M., Hadfi, A., Karmal, I., …, Mohareb, S., Driouiche, A.
    • Journal: Journal of Molecular Liquids
    • Year: 2021
    • Volume: 340
    • Pages: 117225
    • Citations: 14